Information Technology Projects
Spring 2000 Proposals

Prof. Arthur Goldberg, Computer Science Department, New York University 
Bristol-Myers Squibb: Evaluate ROI of Web Site Development and Marketing
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company is a $20 billion global health and personal care company whose principal businesses are medicines, beauty care, nutritionals, and medical devices. Our mission is to develop and market innovative products that extend and enhance human life.
Bristol-Myers Squibb is a leading maker of innovative therapies for cardiovascular, metabolic and infectious diseases, central nervous system and dermatological disorders, and treatment of cancer. We are also a leader in consumer medicines, orthopedic devices, ostomy care, wound management, nutritional supplements, infant formulas, and hair and skin care products. BMS has an international presence in over 60 countries throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.
A leader with regard to the application of advanced technology, Bristol-Myers Squibb was recently recognized as one of the top innovative companies in the Information Week 500 and was the highest rated firm in the pharmaceutical industry segment.


Currently Bristol-Myers Squibb has several web sites promoting our many successful products including Pravachol, Taxol, Excedrin, Herbal Essences, Gluchophage, and Viactiv. We also have dedicated web sites for our individual business units – Clairol, Mead Johnson, Convatec, and Zimmer.
In the near term future we have additional opportunities to develop Web sites that will promote some of our other key products such as Bufferin and Nuprin and several new products that are rapidly emerging from our pipeline. We anticipate tying these new sites to aggressive promotional and advertising activities in an effort to fully quantify the returns on an Internet-based marketing campaign.
This project’s primary goals are:
Leveraging the strength of our technical and marketing staffs, the students will be afforded an opportunity to apply advanced and innovative Web technologies in support of product marketing and promotion.
This project would involve the following deliverables:
To achieve these deliverables, the student team will intern at BMS about a day a week and interact closely with members of the BMS Marketing and Information Management teams.

The address where students would intern

345 Park Avenue, New York, NY10154

Company Web site

Authorizing manager

Pat Marafiote

Associate Director
Information Management

Project manager

Jenny Lister

Information Management

Resources that will be made available to students

Computers and development and project management tools at Bristol-Myers Squibb, corporate network infrastructure, product marketing representatives and Corporate Staff’s Information Management department.  Temporary desk space will be available.