Adaptation of Market Data Visualizer for Viewing Internal Survey Data

AGENCY.COM encompasses over 800 people, in twelve offices around the globe, people who are passionate about their opportunity to shape the interactive world.
As a team, we strive to empower people and organizations to gain competitive advantage by creating powerful interactive relationships.
AGENCY.COM is a leading global Internet professional services firm. It provides an integrated set of strategy, creative and technology services that take clients from concept to launch and operation of their Internet businesses. AGENCY.COM seeks to empower its clients to gain competitive advantage by using the Internet and other interactive technologies to create and enhance interactive relationships with their customers, staff, business partners and suppliers.
Since its founding in 1995, the Company has focused exclusively on Internet technologies and their implications for businesses. AGENCY.COM serves a broad and diversified global client base in a variety of industries, including 3M, British Airways, Compaq and Texaco. currently employs more than 800 employees with headquarters in New York and U.S. offices in Avon (CO), Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Portland (OR), San Francisco, and Woodbridge (NJ) and international offices in Amsterdam, London and Paris.
On September 3 AGENCY.COM announced a proposed initial public offering. The shares are being offered through co-lead managers Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Salomon Smith Barney with Hambrecht & Quist as co-manager.


Stock traders can visualize market data with a tool called 'marketmap', available at  As summarized at
The map lets you watch more than 500 stocks at once, with data updated every 15 minutes. Each colored rectangle in the map represents an individual company. The rectangle's size reflects the company's market cap and the color shows price performance. (Green means the stock price is up; red means it's down. Dark colors are neutral). Move the mouse over a company rectangle and a little panel will pop up with more information.
For example, the picture at left shows a group of technology companies. The mouse is pointing to a dark rectangle, representing Oracle. Notice that the green rectangle at the upper left is much bigger than the others. Exactly which Redmond-based software behemoth it represents is left as an exercise for the reader.
This project seeks to modify and enhance marketmap to visualize the internal status of  We can call the modified program 'agencymap'.  agencymap's input data will be results of regular surveys of employees.  agencymap program would plot data such as revenue, earnings per employee, and so forth.  The regions might be employee categories or offices.  Kyle Shannon, agency's Chief Creative Officer and co-founder, is really excited about agencymap.
Primary skills desired are Java programming and graphics.  A rough specification and design for 'agencymap' already exist;  we'd review the design and prototype it.

Intern address

665 Broadway, Ninth floor

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Authorizing Manager

Danny Gumport, Chief Information Officer,, 358-2666 X366,
Kyle Shannon, Chief Creative Officer,

Project Manager

Paul Galli ( employee #1) 358-2621