Information Technology Projects Course

Professor Arthur Goldberg
Computer Science Department

Fall 2006
Project Proposal

Deutsche Bank

Company Description

Deutsche Bank is one of the world’s leading international financial service providers. With:

As a lean, dynamic, focused universal bank, Deutsche Bank ranks among the global leaders in Corporate Banking and Securities, Transaction Banking, Asset Management & Private Wealth Management, and has a significant Retail Banking franchise in Germany and other selected countries in Continental Europe.

Proposal: Help Adopt a Service Oriented Architecture with Oracle's BPEL Process Manager

The Human Services Information Technology (HR IT) group at Deutsche Bank provides IT support for the HR department. Currently, the HR IT organization is in the process of adopting a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). To this effect, they have licensed Oracle's BPEL process manager and have two projects in the pipeline for implementation.

They would like our team to help in the following three areas:

Workforce Onboarding” is a tool that they have developed in PeopleSoft to support the hire process for new employees/externals. When a new person is hired, this module co-ordinates the following processes using asynchronous Java Messaging:

- Setting up of LDAP credentials

- Setting up of email and NT Login ID

- Setting up of security access to buildings

- Setting up of desk space

- Setting up of Telephone/Voicemail

The current architecture is not well suited for exceptions and hence results in high maintenance. BPEL would provide them the ability to fix this and make it easier to use the tool to provide additional services (e.g., Blackberries, Cell phones etc.,). They would like our student team to port this tool to BPEL and add some exception processing. This would help you gain knowledge of BPEL and SOA. Following this task, they would leverage your experience to come up with best practices. This could done with the help of the Oracle's website, web and maybe Oracle consultants. BPEL as a tool has its own quirks and limitations. It would help HR IT to learn how others have handled these.

Some of the development can be done anywhere, because BPEL can be downloaded for free and installed on a PC.

Required Skill Set

Knowledge of Web Services, XML and Java


Students will be asked to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Intern Address

60 Wall Street, 15th Floor, New York, 10015

Authorizing managers

Hubert Winter, global product head of Employee Life Cycle (ELC) products in HRIT, hubert.winter -- AT --

Sheri Spencer, global head of Human Resources IT (HRIT), sheri.spencer -- AT --

Chris Hayward, Global CIO Controlling and Human Resources IT, chris.hayward -- AT --

Project managers

Objectives and deliverables: Connie Paine, project manager for all "change-the-bank" (CTB) initiatives related to the Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service, which DB calls HR Online, (212)250-4929, connie.l.paine -- AT --

Technical perspective: Sridhar Govindarajan, sridhar.govindarajan -- AT --, 212-250-4952, Cell: 908-720-6515

Meeting hours

Regular business hours (9-6, M-F), plus they can be available for meetings by telephone outside of normal business hours. The early evening would be better for non business-hour meetings on this project.

Resources that will be made available to students

Access will be provided to BPEL software, existing BPEL templates, and to people who can discuss the general performance goals of “best practices for SOA/BPEL” within the bank.