Information Technology Projects Course

Professor Arthur Goldberg
Computer Science Department

Fall 2006
Project Proposal

Deutsche Bank

Company Description

Deutsche Bank is one of the world’s leading international financial service providers. With:

As a lean, dynamic, focused universal bank, Deutsche Bank (DB) ranks among the global leaders in Corporate Banking and Securities, Transaction Banking, Asset Management & Private Wealth Management, and has a significant Retail Banking franchise in Germany and other selected countries in Continental Europe.

Proposal: design and build an analytical database application for producing Corporate Real Estate business intelligence


This project is sponsored by the Corporate Real Estate & Services IT (CRES IT) group in the Central Services IT (CSIT) department at DB. This group provide IT support for the team that manages DB's office space. The system that they envision creating (which we can temporarily call Deutsche Bank Corporate Real Estate & Services Information (CRESI)) will collect, organize, and deliver data about DB's office space around the world.

Deutsche Bank envisions the following possible uses of CRESI: a space planner might wish to compare the actual cost of an individual workspace at two locations – factors that influence cost could include rent, utility costs, efficient use of floor space, etc; a building maintenance engineer might wish to know when critical systems are likely to fail based on corporate-wide statistical analysis; or a security officer could configure building and floor access. These are just initial examples – numerous other uses will surface as the project develops.

The real potential for revolutionizing these systems (which at Deutsche Bank are currently ahead of the industry) is the future ability to flexibly deploy Deutsche Bank's valuable space, allowing employees to work from home and yet dynamically allocate office space as required. The stated goal has the potential to drastically reduce Deutsche Bank's cost, save energy, reduce environmental impacts, make the firm more resilient in the event of pandemic, and increase worker productivity and loyalty.

Project process

This system in the planning phase. Because it is a new project, our fresh perspectives may provide valuable contributions.

Although many of the components are available within their current systems, DB sees this project as a multi-year endeavor. They have obtained sponsorship and funding to proceed. The project is highly visible at a senior management level and has been met with a fair amount of enthusiasm.

The next steps for this project should work on requirements gathering, system architecture, database schema, and design. DB seeks to create a solid architecture and then move components into the architecture.

Based on the rather expansive scope described, the specific challenge for us would be to identify a subset of these steps which we could tackle this semester. I think we would seek a fairly self-enclosed subset which would be amenable to producing concrete, usable deliverables in the time we have.

The project would begin by focusing on this challenge, and then proceed to work on the identified subset.

Intern Address

60 Wall St., NY NY

Authorizing manager

Rudy Reagin, VP, Central Services IT (CSIT), Corporate Real Estate & Services IT (CRES IT), (212) 250-5003, 60 Wall St., Room 1532, rudolph.d.reagin – AT --

Project manager

Dale Berry, <contact info to be provided>

Meeting hours

Usually regular business hours (9-6, M-F), but consolidations could be made to meet outside regular business hours

Resources that will be made available to students

Access to staff in DB involved with the system, software that would be used to design and implement the system