Information Technology Projects, Fall 2005

Student Project Rankings

Prof. Arthur P. Goldberg

The “Proposals” handouts describes our projects. For each project I list the name of the company, a description of each of its proposed project and the company's location. Please read the descriptions carefully and decide which project(s) you would like to join. By 12 noon, Monday, Sept. 12, please rank your desire to participate on each project.

You can get your rankings to me by email (, fax (995-4124), or delivering the form below to my office, 251 Mercer St, Room 409. Feel free to contact me with any questions. This form is at

Please also provide a resume and an informal copy of your NYU transcript (you can just type it up, or send a copy from Albert).

I would like to assign 3 to 5 students to each project we staff. I will attempt to maximize the sum over all students of “ranking” points for the matched projects.

Name ___________________________________________________

Nickname, if any __________________________________________

Email ____________________________________________________


Ranking (on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 indicating a project you would hate to participate in and 10 indicating a project you would love to join). Multiple projects can have the same ranking. Please rank as many projects as high as possible. Please assign a total of at least 15 points.

Bank of America


Deutsche Bank

Program: MSIS or MSCS

Expected graduation date ______________

Work: No Part-time Full-time

Do you need to leave class at 7? Yes No

Might be interested in a job at a client: Yes No

Team liaison

Each team needs a team liaison responsible for organizing interaction with the client. The liaison's job includes scheduling initial and final meetings with team, client and Prof. Goldberg, and scheduling the first few meetings between client and team. The liaison will need to contact people via phone calls and email. Since most of our clients speak English and talk fast, the liaison should speak excellent English.

Would you like to be your team's liaison? Yes No


To help me assign you to an appropriate project, please rank your current skill on each of the following tasks, that is, pick one column between “none” and “extraordinary”. Also, indicate whether you'd like to learn the skill.






want to learn


MS Access

Investment banking IT


GUI design

Cold Fusion

GUI design

Unit testing

Coverage testing

Design patterns


The Rational Unified Process

If you have any other special skills that would be helpful in working on one of the projects, indicate them




If you have any special concerns, please let me know.