Information Technology Projects Course

Professor Arthur Goldberg
Computer Science Department
Spring 2005
Project Proposal

Deutsche Bank

Company Description

Deutsche Bank is one of the world’s leading international financial service providers with:

As a lean, dynamic, and focused international bank, Deutsche Bank ranks among the global leaders in Corporate Banking and Securities, Transaction Banking, Asset Management & Private Wealth Management, and has a significant Retail Banking franchise in Germany and other selected countries in Continental Europe.

Students will work with members of the Controlling IT organization to implement the project.

Proposal: Design and develop a web-based interface for the New York Inter-Unit Clearing Function

Inter-Unit clearing is the process of identifying breaks between the intercompany transactions booked in the ledgers. A break is “a discrepancy on the books of a brokerage firm”1 Consider a stock or bond trade. A break can occur because both the selling and purchasing firms submit a description of the transaction. If the two descriptions do not match, the result is a break.

The Inter-Unit clearing submission is used by the Head Office to reconcile any intercompany differences before the eliminations2 which they perform in the Head Office consolidation system.

The project objective is to convert an existing application from MS Access to an Oracle-based system with a web interface for reporting. This change is needed to make the application more stable and scalable. In the current application, the feeds are manually refreshed by users, which often results in failures in the MS Access database.

In the Oracle-based system, the process to load the feed-data will be automated and the last updated time of the feeds will be available on the web site. The system will be remotely accessible via a browser. Security must be provided by password protection.

The scope of the project is the following:

  1. Develop a solution for implementing a web based reporting application for the NY Inter-Unit Clearing (IUC) Submission.

  2. The solution will be based on existing technology used by other areas in Controlling for reporting. Specifically, we will enhance an existing website in the following manner:

The main benefits of the project are the following:

Students will work with an internal team to do the following:

  1. Assist with the functional and technical design

  2. Create DDLs to implement the data model

  3. Write Oracle procedures/packages to implement business rules

  4. Create Oracle views to be used as results

  5. Use Cold Fusion to create web pages to display reports and inquiry screens

  6. Create test plans and assist with the system testing

  7. Create an implementation plan

Participating students must sign a non-disclosure agreement.

We need to staff this project with the following skills: UNIX, PL/SQL, Oracle, GUI design, Web programming and HTML.

Intern Addresss

60 Wall Street, 15th Floor, New York, 10015

Authorizing managers

William Starita, Controlling IT,

Javed Ahmed, Controlling IT,

Chris Hayward, Controlling IT Global Head,

Project manager

Hirono Ginnane, (212) 250-4758, 704-786-4692 after hours, hirono.ginnane -at-

Meeting hours

Usually regular business hours (9-6, M-F); however, if need be, the people at Deutsche Bank can work outside of business hours but they will need to plan ahead since some of them have to pick up their kids from day care.

Resources that will be made available to students

Copy of Access database, develpment database, development website, development Unix (if necessary).

1Wall Street Words: An A to Z Guide to Investment Terms for Today's Investor by David L. Scott

2Intercompany eliminations are required to represent the overall financial position(s) of a group of companies for internal and external reporting purposes. For example, company Acme has an intercompany receivable from company Junk for $500. Likewise company Junk has an intercompany payable to company Acme for $500. For "consolidated" reporting purposes, the intercompany receivables and payables should be excluded from the report because collectively, there is no effect on the overall financial positions of the Balance Sheet. If the balances where not excluded, then the assets and liabilities would be equally inflated, giving a false picture of the true financial position(s) of companies combined financial statements.

3The Profit and Loss Reporting system for the bank's Fixed Income Trading business. The GUI for Calico is web based and using Cold Fusion. They have developed it in a way so that they can extend some of its functionality to connect to other databases for reporting purposes.