Information Technology Projects Course

Professor Arthur Goldberg
Computer Science Department
Fall 2004
Project Proposal


Organization Description

Created in 1995, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) helps to translate the goals of the United Nations into effective action by providing a range of high quality, cost-effective project management and operational services to the United Nations, Bretton Woods institutions, regional development banks and governments (the latter in the areas of infrastructure and public works only). Our services are also available to governments, to bilateral and multilateral donors, and to non-governmental organizations, through the United Nations system.
UNOPS is a self-financing entity in the United Nations system and earns its fees from services rendered to its clients.

Proposal: Develop a Redesign of the UNOPS Intranet Using Microsoft Sharepoint

UNOPS is organized into two services lines: Corporate Services and Client Services.  Corporate Services includes several divisions, such as Finance, HR, Procurement and Information and Communication Technology.  Client Services consists of Regional Offices located in Africa, Asia and Europe.  UNOPS is spread across the globe with about 300 employees in 6 locations (Latin America, East Africa, West Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, and global –which is in NYC). UNOPS has major on-going projects in 140 countries, and a large presence in Afghanistan.
Naturally, the organization needs to share digital information within and between departments and locations.  And, as expected, the organization must also control access to information.  Digital information includes stored objects like files, e-mails, and real-time interaction environments like chat systems, whiteboards and conference calls.
The goal of this project is to develop a design and begin the implementation of a new UNOPS Intranet using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003. The Intranet portal will become the primary user interface to shared files and other resources. It should support at least these features:

Other needs will be identified during the project's requirements gathering stage, which will be assisted by a detailed requirements list provided by UNOPS.

The Project will contain the following parts:
The project will use a "lightweight methodology" for development that emphasizes flexibility, client collaboration and simplicity. Rapid Prototyping and early tests in a quasi-production environment are wanted to ensure a useful outcome of the project.

  1. Analysis and Conception (UML and other specification tools):
  2. Prototyping
  3. Test

The architecture of the system will support browser access to the portal. It will run in an IIS web server, on a Windows 2003 server.

Working at UNOPS is both challenging and exciting. Being in a team of highly motivated internationals, moving at near-private-sector-speed and following UN values add up to an unforgettable experience and will contribute to the professional development of each participant.

Intern Address

4th floor of Chrysler Building, at Lexington and 42nd

Authorizing manager

Karsten Bloch, CIO

Project manager

Mic Gruber, Associate Business Relations Specialist Change Management, Knowledge Networking and Internal Communication, 212-457-1898,

Meeting hours


Resources that will be made available to students

UNOPS will provide workstations students can use.
There will be a test server with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and software development Kit (SDK).