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CS Prof. Dan Melamed designs algorithms and writes code that translates text between human languages.  See for more info.  He's exploring an approach based on  structured models of translational equivalence.  His work is funded by DARPA.

Proposal: A System for collecting parallel texts from the Web

Melamed's work uses parallel texts--copies of the same document in 2 languages--to help develop and test his translation software.  
This project involves designing and building a system for collecting and processing parallel texts retrieved from the Web.  The system will work as follows:
Note that the web trawling and serving loop is very similar to what is used by "shopping agents" and price-comparison websites. 
The open design issues in this project include:
The system must be able to run on Linux.
This is a technically demanding project, that Prof. Melamed will supervise.  He's available for meetings on evenings and weekends.

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715 Broadway

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Prof. I. Dan Melamed

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Prof. Melamed

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