Company Description

HotDocs® is document automation software used extensively by law firms, corporations, government, insurance, and medical professionals.  It enables the rapid preparation of complex documents that contain many similar sections and many custom data elements.
HotDocs is a small subsidiary of LexusNexus which provides authoritative legal, news, public records and business information.  LexusNexus is itself a division of Reed Elsevier Inc, a large publisher.
HotDocs maintains a professional services division, which provides expert training, turn-key project development and broad consulting services for individuals, firms and corporate users of HotDocs.  This project's client is HotDocs professional services.

Proposal: Specify and Prototype a Client and Prospect Communication Tracking System

HotDocs professional services (HotDocs PS) interacts with dozens of active clients and qualified prospects.  A team of people at HotDocs PS interacts with each client or prospect.  Interactions with clients occur in meetings, emails, phone calls, and documents.  Although team members provide weekly activity reports, it is often difficult to find particular information about a particular client.  The goal of this project is to specify and prototype a system that will collect and manage client communications, so anyone at HotDocs PS can search or browse through the communications and find information about the interaction with a particular client.
How this problem will be solved remains unclear.  A brief investigation has not uncovered a commercial product that would collect the client communications.  But a more persistent search may find some suitable product(s).
Currently, HotDocs PS employs Outlook for email, TimeMatters for recording work hours and Imanage for documents.  A possible solution might be an Outlook Exchange server with some configuration glue that collects together links to related documents and emails.  Another possible solution might involve an SQL DBMS with an ASP front-end.
This project will specify the needs in detail and investigate these, and possibly other, solutions.  It will produce either a prototype solution, or a purchase recommendation, or both.

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125 Park Ave., at 42nd St.

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Jim Robertson, Managing Consultant, East Region, 973-820-2044,

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Peter Millar

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Access to any relevant data, code and information.