Adolescent Health Center of the Mount Sinai Medical Center

Company Description

The Mount Sinai Medical Center is one of the world's leaders in medical research and treatment.  The Adolescent Health Center (AHC) is a department within Mount Sinai.  The Center is the busiest adolescent care center in the nation, caring for over 1000 patients per week.  Patients between 10 and 20 years old receive confidential comprehensive medical, mental health, family planning, and health education services.  These services include award-winning AIDS prevention and treatment efforts, and a Peer Education Project that employs the Center's patients and local adolescents as peer educators in HIV/AIDS prevention.  AHC's multidisciplinary staff includes pediatricians who specialize in Adolescent Medicine, nurses and nurse practitioners, physician assistants, a psychiatrist, social workers, and health educators.
The Adolescent Health Center also conducts research into adolescent health, investigating such issues as ethnicity differences in alcohol use prior to sexual violence; the role of concurrent alcohol and polydrug use in the reported occurrence of date/acquaintance rape; community-based interventions to enhance access to health care; and evaluations of health communication through the Internet.

Proposal: Evaluate Electronic Medical Record Systems

The Adolescent Health Center maintains its own confidential registration process, medical records and record room, and laboratory.  The Center wishes to begin maintaining electronic medical records.  Electronic records will 1) enable more convenient access and retrieval of patient records, and 2) provide a computerized medical history archive that will be a data source for medical research.
This project will analyze the Centers needs for electronic medical records, review the available commercial systems, and identify the electronic medical record system best suited for the Adolescent Health Center.  Selecting a electronic medical record system will involve the following steps:
  1. Gather AHC's requirements, including needs for clinical and research uses
  2. Obtain a list of candidate electronic medical record systems; AHC has already examined a couple
  3. Narrow down the candidate list to top handful
  4. Examine top candidates in detail, hopefully evaluating them via demo versions or presentations by the vendors
  5. Review findings with Peake, DiCarlo and other AHC participants in the process
  6. Prepare a report with a description of the evaluation process, a review matrices comparing tools and a recommendation
This project will involve close interaction with the AHC's management and other people who will use the system.

Intern Address

312 East 94th Street, (between First and Second Avenues)

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Authorizing managers

Ken Peake, COO, 212-423-2907,
Chris DiCarlo, CFO, 423-2921,

Project manager

Jaime Huertas, Primary Care Practice Manager, 423-3086,

Resources that will be made available to students

Access to any relevant data, code and information.