bCorner.com, Inc.


Company Description
bCorner’s proprietary technology allows us to rapidly place online marketplaces onto high-traffic destination web sites.  Our cash back marketplaces enable destination web sites, search engines and charitable organizations to generate recurring revenue and improve user loyalty.  End users that access consumer and business merchants through private label online malls or www.bcorner.com earn virtual dollar rebates (redeemable for cash) on purchases from over 600 online merchants. We currently power fourteen marketplaces including BusinessWeeek Online’s Cashback Marketplace.  Based in New York, bCorner.com, Inc. is a privately funded company that was founded in 1999.


Proposal: Product/Service Search Engine
bCorner produces online malls for our clients.  Our clients can currently select from a pool of approximately 600 merchants to be included in their mall.  Currently the mall has a search bot that allows end users to search for merchants.  We would like the end users to be able to locate merchants that sell a particular product. 

The project would be to produce a product/service search engine. Visitors will be able to search for specific products by using the search “bot” incorporated on every Web page.  A product or service search will result in:

  1. A listing of affiliate merchants that provide or sell the requested products or services;
  2. A link that would get the end user to the related product page on our merchant’s site (utilizing our technology’s generated id number);
  3. A description of the merchant (already databased on our site)
  4. Description of the product;
  5. Price on the merchant site; and
  6. Price after the bCorner rebate.

The project would be to:

  1. Investigate currently available commercial products and do feasibility analysis to determine whether third-party products are capable and economically viable for bCorner
  2. Investigate the current search methods available (we would prefer to have a system that allows for real-time dynamic lookup but are also open to databasing results from web spiders and merchant data feeds)
  3. Think through the business value and maintenance of each type of search method, to decide how best to manage the data over a period of time

The project would recommend and select either a third-party product, or a custom bCorner solution.  The result would depend on the selection:

  1. If a third-party product is recommended, design a detailed integration architecture and plan for its use.
  2. If a custom bCorner solution is recommended, design its architecture, and, if time allows, prototype an implementation.


Intern Address
152 West 25th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY  10001


Company Web site


Authorizing manager
Alastair Onglingswan, President and COO


Project manager
David Picard, Senior Programmer


Resources that will be made available to students
Access to any relevant data, code and information.