John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Company Description
Wiley is a global publisher of print and electronic products, specializing in scientific, technical, and medical books and journals; professional and consumer books and subscription services; and textbooks and other educational materials for undergraduate and graduate students as well as lifelong learners. Wiley has approximately 15,000 active titles and about 400 journals, and publishes more than 1,500 new titles in a variety of print and electronic formats each year.
The company provides "must've" content to targeted communities of interest. Wiley's deep reservoir of quality content, constantly replenished, offers a tremendous source of competitive advantage. Technology is making this content more accessible to customers worldwide and is adding value for them by delivering it in interactive and/or fully searchable formats. Approximately 10% of fiscal 2000 revenues were Web-enabled; we expect to increase that figure to about 30% in three years.
With about 2,700 employees worldwide, Wiley has operations in the United States, Europe (England and Germany), Canada, Asia, and Australia. The Company has U.S. publishing, marketing, and distribution centers in New York, Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey, and Illinois. Wiley's worldwide headquarters are currently located in New York City. In mid- 2002, the company plans to relocate its headquarters to a waterfront location in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Proposal: Web-based Presentation Management System
Wiley is looking to develop a web-based "tour slideshow" and associated content management system (CMS).  The "tour slideshow" could be used for "guided
tour" online demos, and also as a help utility for web sites and for CD ROM based applications.

The slideshow creation would be relatively straightforward: the interesting part is to create a flexible, generic navigation system permitting navigation by product and possibly topics to sets of slides in the show, plus the usual "next slide" and "previous slide" functions as in PowerPoint.  Basic variable data components would be:

Create a system where non-web-developers could input Products, Topics, images, captions, with the system generating the nav+slideshow in  format(s) dictated by  HTML templates.

Proposed uses: Demo sites for web products and CD based products, help utilities.

A Realistic Example:
To allow Wiley's sales representatives to demonstrate a range of CD products without having to have the CDs and to remember the demo scripts, they have a site called DemoCentral.  This is, in essence, a set of "slide shows" of the applications in question, containing screen shots, topical navigation, and commentary/captions for each screen.   The site was developed for Wiley by outside developers, and is at this point a "one-off" that would require Wiley to go back to the original developer to extend it to other products.

To take a look, the URL is:
username:      democentralnyu
password: w4wspnyu

Intern Address
605 Third Avenue (between 39 and 40th Streets)

Company Web site

Higher Education Division Web site

Authorizing managers
Thomas Speyer,, Director, Interactive applcation development

Project manager
Catherine Beckham, 212-850-6386,, Senior Online Marketing Manager

Resources that will be made available to students
Project, technology, and Wiley Infrastructure Guidance; access to DemoCentral website; access to the CDs; prepared product walk-throughs; some on-site computing resources; conference room and presentation room resources, as necessary