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The world leader in Web Business Intelligence solutions, Information Builders is a hands-on, pragmatic, privately held software company ranked among the top 50 independent software vendors.  More than 9,000 global customer sites including most of the Fortune 100 use Information Builders enterprise information access and delivery technology.  With over 25 years of business experience and offices in more than 30 countries, Information Builders' employ 1,900 professionals, support over 350 business partners, and generated revenues exceeding $300 million in 2000.
Information Builders developed the award-winning EDA integration technology, and has recently launched a new integration middleware company called iWay Software that concentrates its efforts on developing the e-business integration marketplace.

Proposal: Analyze phone bill records
IBI recently signed a new contract with AT&T to supply long-distance telephone services to all its offices in the USA.  Each month, starting this month (August), AT&T will send IBI a CD giving details of every call that they charged us for in the prior month.  The data is not directly readable by FOCUS or ODBC:  at least not easily.

The application that comes with the CD has a reporting facility, which does allow a user to export the data into one or more comma-delimited files.  But it doesn't give every analysis they would like to have.  IBI has made a few extracts and created FOCUS reports to explore a few possible areas where they could reduce costs, but there are a lot more that they could obtain the data were organized better, and if they could track the usage over a time period.

There is a lot of data.  The CD for July usage has records for 76,254 calls, costing IBI about $28,000.  They know that there are cost reduction opportunities to be found - in fact based on a few days of analysis and actions, they think that they will cut this by $2,000 - $3,000 next month.  IBI would like to find more ways to identify and eliminate waste, and to find better ways to manage their voice traffic.  They have not thought through all the uses they might want to make of the data, so don't know yet if they want to store every record in detail, or to go for a mix of summarized data, and some detail.

So the project would be to:

  1. Create a database where IBI can eventually accumulate 2 - 3 years worth of information, if they want to.
  2. Set up a procedure to simplify and automate the extraction process
  3. Think through the business value to be gained from different types of analysis, in order to decide how best to manage the data over a period of time
  4. Set up several cross-reference files to help the analysis - e.g.
  5. Set up a WebFOCUS reporting capability to run a variety of reports and queries.
A list of 35 detailed requirements has been drafted.

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Information Builders, Inc.
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Authorizing manager
Tim Benthall,, Timothy Benthall, V.P., Systems and Communications

Project manager
Ronald Iwersen,, (212) 736 6250 ext. 3750 and
Tim Benthall,, V.P., Systems and Communications, (212) 736 6250 ext. 4212

Resources that will be made available to students
Computing, temporary office space, WebFOCUS software, access to the CD's data.