New York City Board of Education

Company Description

The New York City Board of Education (NYC-BOE) is the largest school system in this country, with over 1.1M students and 80K teachers.  Its primary mission is to educate Public School students in NYC.  The NYC-BOE also provides various Special Education services, transportation and other services to non-public schools in the city.


Proposal: Web site to Help Students and Parents a Select High School

This web-based system is for the NYC-BOE High School Admissions process, which starts each Fall for students going into High School.  The system will provide information to Middle Schools students in 8th and 9th grade, who are applying for admission into High School, to make informed choices of which High School to apply to.  The type of information which needs to be available to students will be based on an interactive system, where the user (student, parent/guardian, guidance counselor) would be prompted to enter specific student information (age, gender, area of study, educational goals, address…) and based on this information would identify programs suited for the student with locations throughout the city.


In addition to the location (which should be displayed on a map, using our ArcIMS product), there would be the ability to get some “profile” type and other information on each of the schools.  This profile information will be basic items, such as address, contact names and numbers, registers… And the other information would be links to other school specific information already on our website, and information similar to College admissions information (previous year applications, numbers accepted, profile of accepted students, minimum requirements, etc…) to help make informed decisions.


Intern Address


335 Adams Street, 28th or 29th floor

Brooklyn, NY 11201


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Authorizing manager
Kamal Kumar, 718.935.5874,, Senior Director, Division of Instructional and Information Technology


Project manager

Ken Garcia, 718.935.4023,, Supervisor, Office of Web Services


Resources that will be made available to students
Computers, cubicle space, software based on NYCBOE standards.