www.eresourcez.com is an innovative, commercially viable, project that will bring us a long way towards Bridging the Digital Divide.

www.eresourcez.com is directed to the under-served populations of urban areas and our initial beta launch will be in Harlem. The site combines social service content (education, health care, jobs, housing, etc.) with dynamic hyper-local content.  We are working with local community technology centers where our site will be the opening screen for all their computers.  We are also working with a number of local  and national organizations, including New York 1 Net (affiliated with the Institute for Learning Technologies at Columbia), Playing2Win (www.playing2win.org), HarlemLive (www.HarlemLive.org), the Abyssinian Development Corporation and BigChalk (www.bigchalk.com).

An important part of the project is working with local residents and providing training in Web development, content production/aggregation and technical support.  Young people associated with the technology centers in each community will become local content reporters and aggregators.

e*Resourcez plans beta launches of Harlem in early 2001 and Los Angeles later in the year.  If the beta launch is successful, we intend to follow up with a national roll out.  The need for a flexible dynamic local template is  highlighted by the speed with which we plan to build local sites and the number of urban communities  we plan to penetrate.

e*Resourcez intends to help the communities it serves while building a profitable enterprise.  e*Resourcez will also start hiring as the process advances and could offer full time employment to students as we proceed.

Proposal: Plan, Design And Develop A Scaleable, Template For Dynamic Local Content

This project will plan, design and develop a scaleable, template for dynamic local content. Each local community will be able to give its local site its own flavor and, at the same time, keep the quality of content uniform and assure that certain basic information (on health, education, jobs, etc) is available at each local portal.  We want to design the local/global web site in a way that is both flexible and scaleable.

A preliminary site map of local content provides a general guide.

We need to make it simple to load local content onto each local site (so that we can roll out quickly to urban underserved communities) and still assure that quality is maintained. To add to the complexity of the project, the user interface needs to be bilingual and directed to a relatively low technical literacy level. As our local sites roll out, we will be aggregating information. Accordingly, we also need to include a data base capacity that ties into each local site and tracks our registered users, their Internet usage and relevant local content resources.

Students will be included in the planning process and would be able to implement that plan all the way to a useable local content template. They can beta test the product along the way at our community technology centers throughout Harlem and make adjustments accordingly.

DME Interactive will work with us coordinating and supervising activities.  DME Interactive is the leading web design firm for people of color.  It is headed by Darian Dash, the country's first black head of a public Internet corporation.  

Resources for Students

TBD – some of this project will be conducted using resources belonging to students and at the Projects course lab in NYU's CAT center, 715 Broadway, 12th floor.  other resources TBD

Intern Address

e*Resourcez's address TBD; Projects course lab in NYU's CAT center.

Authorizing manager

Ellen Werther, Founder and CEO

Project Managers

Ann Gaydos, head of production at e*Resourcez, agaydos@dream-catchers.com
Kathleen McCory, web designer at DME Interactive, kathleen@dmeinteractive.com
Bruce Lincoln, from Columbia's ILT, for senior design guidance, bruce@ilt.columbia.edu,