Data Downlink Corporation

Founded in 1996, Data Downlink Corporation is a rapidly-growing provider of on-line business information services, licensing data for resale from content originators and adding value by providing searching, sorting and cross-indexing capabilities. Content is resold through our web-based products, .XLS and Portal B. Our specialty is quantitative business information such as company performance statistics, country economics and demographics, market share information, etc. Our customers are professional business users who need this information to do their jobs - Investment Bankers, Consultants, and Corporate Strategists.

Proposal: The Spreadsheet Designer

Data Downlink has approximately 70 third-party databases under license, around 30 of which contain information on specific companies. The company is planning a new product named The Spreadsheet Designer which will allow end users to build their own spreadsheets of company information using any of these 30 databases. Key challenges are the design of a user interface which allows non technical users to navigate through 30 databases and the design of an architecture to map the databases into the interface. This project will study, design, plan and prototype this project. Deliverables will include: The development environment is primarily Visual-C++. Databases are housed in Microsoft SQL-Server. Heavy use is made XML as a databus between applications.
Students will need to sign a Non-Disclosure/Proprietary Rights agreement to participate in this project.

Resources for Students

Data Downlink will provide office space and computer workstations. Both a project manager and a product manager will be assigned to assist the students. Other domain experts will be available at the project managers request.

Intern Address

88 Pine Street (on water street between Pine St. and Maiden Lane) New York, NY 10005

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Authorizing Manager

Michael Angle, Chief Operating Officer,, 212-363-9620
Project Manager
Albert Tamayev, Development Manager,, 212-363-9620