Internet and Intranet Applications and Protocols

Spring 2005
Prof. Arthur Goldberg

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Week / Date

Topic and Lecture(s)


1/Jan 18

Networking Review and History ppt
Transport Layer ppt

Required readings:

2/Jan 25

Application Layer 1: HTTP and FTP ppt

Required readings:

3/Feb 1

Application Layer 2: Email, DNS and P2P ppt

Required readings:

Further readings:

4/Feb 8

Application Layer 3: Socket Programming ppt

Example Network Programs

Required readings:

5/Feb 15

HTTP Client-Server Design and Implementation ppt CRC Template

Building Fast Servers

Required readings:

Further readings:

6/Feb 22

Corporate Network Construction: A Contrast Between Trading and Typical Networks: Guest lecture by Xiwei (Eric) Liu, NYU MSIS Student ppt

Security 1 ppt

Required readings:

  • K&R: 8.1-8.4

7/Mar 1

Security 2 sxi

Required readings:

8/Mar 8

Wireless ppt

Required readings:

  • K&R: 6.1-6.9

9/Mar 22

Advice on Writing Network Programs
Example readALine() method

Required readings:

10/Mar 29

Alternative Servers Assignment: Classroom Discussion, Class Plan, Threads, (sxi), Elaboration on classroom threads discussion

Required readings:

  • K&R: 7.1 - 7.6

11/Apr 5

Spam and the Limits of Interpersonal Collaboration: Guest lecture by Nathaniel Borenstein, Chief Antispam Strategist, IBM Lotus Division (ppt)

Recitation: Code examples, notes

Required readings:

Further readings:

12/Apr 12

Caching and server implementation (swx)
Recitation notes (swx)

Required readings:

  • RFC 2616, HTTP 1.1 (Sections 13.1.0, 13.2.1, 13.2.2, 13.3.6, 13.5, 14.9.0 - 14.9.2)

  • Lee Breslau, Pei Cao, Li Fan, Graham Philips, and Scott Shenker. Web Caching and Zipf-Like Distributions: Evidence and Implications. Proceedings of IEEE Infocom '99.

  • Alec Wolman, Geoffrey M. Voelker, Nitin Sharma, Neal Cardwell, Anna Karlin, and Henry M. Levy. On the Scale and Performance of Cooperative Web Proxy Caching. Proceedings of the 17th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, pages 16-31, Kiawah Island Resort, South Carolina, December 1999.

  • Arthur Goldberg, Ilya Pevzner, Robert Buff, Characteristics of Internet and Intranet Web Proxy Traces, published in  the Computer Measurement Group Conference, CMG98, December 1998,  (Word97  4.19Mb, ps 225Kb)

  • Review Section 3 of Balachander Krishnamurthy, Jeffrey C. Mogul, and David M. Kristol (above).

Further readings:

13/Apr 19


Required readings:

Further readings:

14/Apr 26


Required readings:

Further readings:

I thank Prof. Robert Grimm for letting me use his materials, including reading lists and lectures.