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parser.h File Reference

#include "exception.h"
#include "lang.h"

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Detailed Description

Author: Sergey Berezin

Created: Wed Feb 5 11:46:57 2003

License to use, copy, modify, sell and/or distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without royalty, subject to the terms and conditions defined in the LICENSE file provided with this distribution.

The top-level API to the parser. At this level, it is simply a stream of commands (Expr's) terminated by an infinite sequence of Null Expr. It has a support to parse several different input languages (as many as we care to implement), and may take a file name, or an istream to read from (default: std::cin, or stdin). Using iostream means no more worries about whether to close files or not.

Definition in file parser.h.