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expr_stream.h File Reference

#include "os.h"
#include "expr.h"

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Detailed Description

Author: Sergey Berezin

Created: Mon Jun 16 10:59:18 2003

License to use, copy, modify, sell and/or distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without royalty, subject to the terms and conditions defined in the LICENSE file provided with this distribution.

Declaration of class ExprStream, an output stream to pretty-print Expr in various nice output formats (presentation/internal/other languages, outo-indentation, bounded depth printing, DAG-ified printing, etc, etc...).

This stream is most useful for the decision procedure designer when writing a pretty-printer (Theory::print() method). ExprStream carries information about the current output language, and all the indentation and depth pretty-printing is done automagically by the operator<<().

Definition in file expr_stream.h.