compat_hash_map.h File Reference

#include "hash_map.h"

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Detailed Description

Author: Sergey Berezin

Created: Jan 31 02:23:26 GMT 2003

License to use, copy, modify, sell and/or distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without royalty, subject to the terms and conditions defined in the LICENSE file provided with this distribution.

Compatibility header file for STL extension "hash_map". Any other source file that needs to use hash_map should include this instead.

If hash_map is not defined in namespace std, we bring it in there. It turns out that different versions of gcc use different namespaces for STL extensions (std, __gnu_cxx, and God knows what'll be next).

This header assumes that only one of HAVE_*_HASH_MAP symbols is defined.

Definition in file compat_hash_map.h.