Arriving by Plane at the Munich Airport

On arrival, proceed to the S-Bahn (city railway) station below the central area of the terminal. To find it, follow the

signs. Between 6:55 and 22:15 trains for downtown Munich leave at 20 minute intervals (first train at 3:55, the last at 0:55).
There are ticket vending machines just before the escalators that take you down to the S-Bahn platform. Press the number 8 button and feed the machine the amount it displays (13.60 DM as of July 1997). The machines will accept coins and 10 and 20 DM bills.
Next, you have to stamp your ticket at one of the blue endorsing machines (marked with an "E" on a yellow square) you find close to the escalators.
You can take any train starting there; after about 40 minutes get off at the "Hauptbahnhof" (central station). Remember to leave the train through the doors on the right side. (No joke. The left doors are only for entering the train at some stations. You'll find no "Exit" signs on the left-hand platform.)

You will have to take two escalators up to the station's main level. Follow the

signs (Deutsche Bahn). There are ticket offices on the intermediate level (The sign says "Fahrkarten"). Get a ticket for "Tegernsee" (21.40 DM, 2nd class, single fare as of July 1997). You find the departure times on the schedule.
To make your quest for Ringberg a bit harder, the trains for Tegernsee do not leave from the platforms in the station's main building, but from one of the well hidden platforms (numbers 27 to 36) at the north-west wing:

When you have finally located located the train (see the signs) you have still to find out the right car to sit in: only one of them will go to Tegernsee. Have a look a the labels on the cars or ask the friendly conductor.
When you finally made it to Tegernsee, take a cab to get you the last miles to Ringberg Castle.


Hauptbahnhof München, Weiterfahrt nach Bahnhof Tegernsee (59 km, Endstation. Fahrtdauer ca. 1 Stunde. Siehe Fahrplan). Dann Taxibenutzung.


Autobahn München-Salzburg über Autobahndreieck Brunnthal bis Ausfahrt Holzkirchen. Weiterfahrt nach Gmund am Tegernsee. In Gmund Abzweigung nach Bad Wiessee und Weiterfahrt bis zur Ampel nach dem Ortsschild Weißach. Hier Abzweigung nach rechts in die Bundesstraße 307 in Richtung Achensee. Nach ca. 1 km Fahrt die Bundesstraße 307 nach dem Ortsende von Reitrain wieder verlassen und geradeaus noch ca. 100 m bis zur besonders beschilderten Auffahrtsallee zum Schloß Ringberg weiterfahren.

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