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About ProgTeam

The ProgTeam is a place for students interested in solving problems to practice their skills, learn new ones and share their knowledge and passion with others.

Regular Practices

We organize regular practice meetings for beginners and more advanced programmers. There are no prerequisites other than being interested in solving problems. Students solve problems and present their solutions.

Outside Contests

When we learn about contests held by other universities and organizations, we post them to the mailing list.


International Colligiate Programming Contest is held every. We usually have a few teams going to the Greater New York Region contests. The top teams from the region advance to the North America Championship and then to the World Finals.

Follow Us

If you are passionate about solving algorithmic problems, learning advanced algorithms, or eventually becoming a competitive programmer, follow us by signing up for our mailing list!

Team Leaders

Joanna Klukowska
Faculty Advisor
Clinical Associate Professor at NYU CIMS

ProgTeam is currently looking for new student leadership. If you are interested in organizing practices, putting together contests and solving problems, this may be a chance to for you to shape the future of ProgTeam.

GET Practice!

Practice makes perfect. You can get started with our tutorial, then solving Progteam's practice problems on our platform. You can also check your scores ranking. The more problems you've solved, the higher score you would gain.

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Progteam Schedule

Here is a schedule of upcoming Progteam events.