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Major Events

Events are open to everyone.

Weekly Practice

We host weekly onsite practice contests on each Friday night with refreshments. The event is crafted for both programming veterans and beginners. No prerequisite is required except for a fully charged laptop.

Algorithm Cyclone

Algorithm Cyclone is a weekly seminar where team members present solutions to advanced algorithmic problems from TopCoder, Codeforces, USACO, etc. If you are a huge enthusiast of algorithmic problems, then this is the place for you!

ICPC Training

We hold special training sessions before the ACM International Colligiate Programming Contest. You will hone your programming skills here with series of hands-on practices and get ready for the ICPC contest.

Follow Us

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Team Leaders

Evan Korth
Evan Korth
Faculty Advisor, Coach
Clinical Professor at NYU CIMS
Co-founder of HackNY
Faculty Advisor to NYU chapter of ACM
Bowen Yu
Bowen Yu
PhD Candidate at NYU Tandon VIDA Lab
North America Champion, ACM-ICPC World Finals 2014
NYU ICPC Team Member 2013-2014
Ronald Rojas
Ronald Rojas
Assistant Coach
Undergraduate Student at NYU CAS
NYU ICPC Team Member 2016-present
Ziyi Tang
Ziyi Tang
Assistant Coach
Undergraduate Student at NYU CAS
3rd Place, ACM-ICPC Greater New York Region 2016
NYU ICPC Team Member 2015-present

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Practice makes perfect. You can get started with our tutorial, then solving Progteam's practice problems on our platform. You can also check your scores ranking. The more problems you've solved, the higher score you would gain.

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Progteam Schedule

Here is a schedule of upcoming Progteam events.

Contest Schedule

Here is a schedule of several competitive programming contests held by renowned online coding platforms.