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If you are interested in participating in NAQ or GNYR as part of one of the NYU teams, complete this form:

The Greater New York Regional (GNYR) is scheduled to be on March 7, 2021. It will be held remotely. You can see the website for the 2019-2020 season at

The North American Qualifier (NAQ) is scheduled for Feb 11, 2021. It will be held remotely (as usual). You can see the list of problems for the 2019 NAQ at

ICPC practice contests are at

NYU team at ICPC World Finals, 2015

About ProgTeam

The ProgTeam is a place for students interested in solving problems to practice their skills, learn new ones and share their knowledge and passion with others.

Whether you are preparing for technical interviews, practicing for programming contests, or solve problems for fun, you should find like minded students in ProgTeam.

Location: NYU, Washington Square campus
Students from any campus are welcome in ProgTeam. Students who wish to participate in programming contests may need to do so with their own campus.

Mailing list:
Sign up if you wish to receive regular updates about events, practices, contests, etc. This is a moderated list, so you should not be getting any spam through it. You can unsubscribe at any point.

Slack channel: We have a Slack workspace for discussions. You can join it using your email address.

Vjudge: We use Vjudge platform for in-house practices and contests.

If you are new to ProgTeam, please, register for a Vjudge account first and then click “Apply to Join” at the upper right corner of the NYU ProgTeam Group page to have access to the problem set. We are watching out for new applications at the start of each semester and try to approve them quickly. If there is a delay, please, ping us on Slack.

Contests and Practices

We organize semi-regular in-house practices and contests. They are announced in the mailing list and posted on the calendar below. Unless otherwise indicated, those contests are hosted on Vjudge (see above for how to gain access to the platform).

If you are new to online judge problem solving check out the following tutorial.

Many organizations and universities organize open contests and practices available to all. When we learn about these events, we share them on the our mailing list, Slack channel and the calendar below.

If you know of contests and practices that are not posted yet, feel free to let us know.

Some regular practices and contests are listed below.

NYU team at ICPC North America Championship, 2020


International Colligiate Programming Contest is held every year. We usually have a few teams going to the Greater New York Region contests. The top teams from the region advance to the North America Championship and then to the World Finals.

Keep an eye out for announcements about the regional contests if you are interested in becoming part of the next NYU championship team!


The North America Qualifier is an online contests leading to the ICPC regional contests (see above for more details about ICPC). The teams can test out their skills or individuals can participate on their own. The level of problem-difficulty at this contest is usually comparable or even more challenging than the level of problems at the regional contests.


Codeforces is a site with many contests and practices. The upcoming events should be shown at the calendar below.

If you wish to get regular practice at problem solving in a timed and contest like environment, check out these regular contests:



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ProgTeam Practice
ICPC North America Championship, 2020
NYU Team at ICPC North America Championship, 2020
Awards Ceremony, ICPC North America Championship, 2020

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