A Qualitative Calculus for 3D Rotations

Here you can download the source code I implemented as part of my M.S. thesis which is titled: “A Qualitative Calculus for Three-Dimensional Rotations”. Download it from here. The implementation is in Java. Once you download and unzip, run as follows:

javac SignRotationMatrix.java

java SignRotationMatrix

The calculus consists of two parts; qualitative (sign) vector rotation and qualitative rotation composition. Enter 1 to run the former or enter 2 to run the latter.

Every qualitative vector is a triple of signs -, 0 or +. To enter the sign rotation matrix, you would need to enter the first and the second rows respectively and then choose between the suggested rotations with the same first and second rows. If there is no matching rotation matrix, the system exits. To avoid that you can choose a rotation from the set of existing sign rotations, which is located in the file named signRotations.txt, and enter the rows in order.

AAAI Submission

A Qualitative Calculus for Three-Dimensional Rotations by Azam Asl and Ernest Davis, submitted to Spatial Cognition and Computation

Azam A. Asl