The Joan Jonas Knowledge Base

Joan Jonas, 1973, Organic Honey's Vertical Roll, Photo: Beatrice Heylinger

Joan Jonas, 1973, Organic Honey’s Vertical Roll, Photo: Beatrice Heylinger

The Joan Jonas Knowledge Base is currently under development. The resource will contain information that will benefit curators, conservators, and researchers interested in the work of Joan Jonas. We are working directly with the artist, her archive, and people who are familiar with her artistic production.

We plan to launch the Joan Jonas Knowledge Base in May 2019 at the annual Artist Archives Initiative symposium at New York University. Details to be announced closer to the date.

Curatorial Research Director
Barbara Clausen
Curator and Professor
Département d’histoire de l’art
Université du Québec à Montréal

Academic Research Director
Glenn Wharton
Clinical Professor
Museum Studies
New York University

Technology Research Director
Deena Engel
Clinical Professor
Director, Program in Digital Humanities and Social Science
Department of Computer Science
New York University