The David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base

Portrait/Self Portrait of David Wojnarowicz, 1983-85. Mixed media, 60″ x 40″. Courtesy of the estate of David Wojnarowicz and P.P.O.W., New York

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Developed by an interdisciplinary research team at New York University, the David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base is intended to aid in future exhibition and conservation of the artist’s works. His personal papers in the Fales Library Downtown Collection serves as a principal source for the resource, along with other archives, online resources, interviews with people who knew or worked with him, and publications by or about him. Included in the resource are annotated bibliographies, a directory of people with whom he worked, and information about selected exhibitions of his work. Designed with scalability in mind, the David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base includes templates for entries from future researchers who will continue to add content and map connections.


Project Directors

Glenn Wharton
Clinical Professor
Museum Studies
New York University

Marvin J. Taylor
Director, Fales Library and Special Collections
New York University

Deena Engel
Clinical Professor
Director, Program in Digital Humanities and Social Science
Department of Computer Science
New York University

David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base Manager

Nicholas Martin
Librarian for Fales Archival Collections
New York University

Project Advisors

Tom Augst: Associate Professor of English & Acting Director of Digital Humanities, NYU
Howard Besser: Professor of Cinema Studies and Director, Moving Image Archiving & Preservation, NYU
Margaret Holben Ellis: Professor of Conservation, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Lisa Darms: Archival Consultant
Lynn Gumpert: Director, Grey Art Gallery, NYU
Mona Jimenez: Arts Professor & Associate Director, Moving Image Archiving & Preservation, NYU
David Kiehl: Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art
André Lepecki: Associate Professor, Department of Performance Studies, NYU
Carol Mandel: Dean, Division of Libraries, NYU
David Millman: Assistant Dean for Digital Library Technology Services, Division of Libraries, NYU
Brent Phillips: Audiovisual Archivist, Rockefeller Archive Center
Robert Slifkin,:Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Michael Stoller: Associate Dean, Collections & Research Services, Division of Libraries, NYU

Program Consultant
Margaret Graham

Design Consultant
Jason Varone

Research Associates

Diana Kamin, Media, Culture & Communication, NYU
Hugh Ryan, David Wojnarowicz Scholar

Professional Researchers & Contributors

Lisa Conte, Assistant Paper Conservator, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Richard D. Finch, Professor Emeritus and Former Director of Normal Editions Workshop, School of Art, Illinois State University
Laura McCann, Conservation Librarian, NYU Libraries

Acknowledgements – Student Researchers

Joy Bloser, Conservation Center at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Hilary Bonn, Museum Studies, NYU
Francisco Javier Rodriquez Chaparro, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Edward Colloton, Moving Image & Archiving Program, NYU
Scott Davis, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Emma Dickson, Computer Science, NYU
Regina Harsanyi, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
John B. Henry, History of Art & Design and Library & Information Science, Pratt Institute
Sofia Kofodimos, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Lia Kramer, Conservation Center at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Cherrie Kwok, English, NYU
Delia Mandia, History, NYU
Fannie Ouyang, Artists’ Studio Archives Program, University of North Carolina
Marianna Pecoraro, Near Eastern Studies, NYU
Maria Slautina, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Emily Sneideman, Museum Studies, NYU
Yukiko Watari, Museum Studies, NYU
Hanna Yang, Computer Science, NYU
Johanna Zimmerman, Arts Politics, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

Acknowledgements – Financial Support

The Center for Humanities, New York University
The Polonsky Foundation Digital Humanities Internship Program, New York University
The Research Challenge Fund Program, New York University
The Museum Studies, New York University
New York University Libraries


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