ARTIST ARCHIVES SYMPOSIUM: INTRODUCTION | Marvin J. Taylor and Glenn Wharton introduce the Artist Archives Initiative and why David Wojnarowicz was chosen as its first artist. Filmed at Fales Library. (2017)
JENNIFER & KEVIN MCCOY – ARTIST ARCHIVES SYMPOSIUM¬†| Multimedia artists Jennifer & Kevin McCoy discuss their own work, and the documentation they’ve created to allow it a continued life. Filmed at the Fales Library. (2017)
DAVID KIEHL – ARTIST ARCHIVES SYMPOSIUM | David Kiehl of the Whitney Museum of American Art talks about the unique power of David Wojnarowicz’s work and why it, his artistic processes, and stories from his personal artistic circle so need to be preserved. (2017)
LAURA MCCANN – ARTIST ARCHIVES SYMPOSIUM | Conservation Librarian Laura McCann talks about her approach to preservation, her work on the Artist Archives Initiative, and how to catalogue a papier-mache wolf’s head. (2017)
GLENN WHARTON – ARTIST ARCHIVES SYMPOSIUM | Glenn Wharton describes the development of the Artist Archives Initiative and its first project, the David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base. (2017)
DEENA ENGEL – ARTIST ARCHIVES SYMPOSIUM | The Director of the Program in Digital Humanities and Social Science in the Department of Computer Science at NYU, Deena Engel, describes the technical needs of the project and the work she and her students performed to make the Artist Archives Initiative possible. (2017)
DIANA KAMIN – ARTIST ARCHIVES SYMPOSIUM | Diana Kamin of the Media, Culture, and Communication department at NYU Steinhardt discusses her role in the initiative. (2017)
ARTIST ARCHIVES SYMPOSIUM DISCUSSION | All panelists come together to further discuss the initiative and answer questions from the audience. (2017)