My name is Zvonimir Pavlinovic and I am a first year PhD student at NYU, advised by Thomas Wies. I am generally interested in the theory of programming languages, currently focusing on automatic localization and repair of type errors.

Before joining NYU, I obtained my masters degree in computer science at University of Zagreb, after which I spent two years as a research intern at UC Berkeley working with Security Group.

Here is my CV.

I can be reached on name dot surname at gmail dot com.


Zvonimir Pavlinovic, Tim King, and Thomas Wies: Finding Minimum Type Error Sources, under submission, 2014.

Zvonimir Pavlinovic, Domagoj Babic: Interactive Code Snippet Synthesis Through Repository Mining, UCB EECS 2013. [pdf]

Student papers

Zvonimir Pavlinovic: General Type Error Diagnostics Using MaxSMT, to appear at PLDI SRC, 2014, June, Edinburgh UK. [pdf]

Ivan Breskovic, Vedrana Jankovic, Zvonimir Pavlinovic, Zeljko Rumenjak: MultiCore SIP, Ericsson Nikola Tesla student papers on telecommunications, 2009, 1st prize. [pdf]