SOME GENERIC INFORMATION. Please read carefully.

  • All our exams (Midterm and Final) are closed book, with 'cheat-sheets' as explained next.
    • For midterm, you are allowed to bring one 'cheat-sheet'. This is a 8" by 11" sheet (2-sided) of notes. There is no restriction on what you put on this sheet, or how you prepare it (printed or hand-written, as small a font as you like).
    • For the final, you are allowed two cheat-sheets. Some students like to re-use the midterm cheat-sheet, and prepare a second cheat-sheet as complement. But you may also prepare two new cheat-sheets.
  • During exams, you will be given 'blue books' (standard university-supplied) books for writing your answers. We want you to ONLY write on the RIGHT-HAND SIDE of each double-page on these blue books. You are free to use the LEFT-HAND SIDE for your scratch work (this is strongly encouraged).
  • In general, the exam will include all material until the last lecture before the exam. Emphasis will be put on contents of lectures, recitations and homework. But you will also be responsible for material on the reading list, even if we did not cover them in lectures, recitations or homework.


  • Please read the above Generic Information.
  • This is an in-class exam, during recitation period.
  • Note the new date: Thursday Oct 13.
  • You are not allowed to use calculators.
  • Sample midterms? Get last semester's midterm, plus an older one, both under a Subdirectory of Homework Directory.
  • Extra Office Hours on week of Midterm:
    Tuesday, 3-5. Wednesday 4-6.
    See the generic rules above. But for Lecture III, we only cover (a,b) trees up to the extent that I lectured in class (roughly, up to and including page 45 of Lecture III.
    Study the homework questions and its solutions.
    Be sure you know how to do hand simulation of the algorithms for BST, AVL trees.
  • SOME TYPOS in sample midterms (note that there are 2 samples):
    ** Midterm Spring 2011. Q6, line 7:
    "t(n) = theta(100^n * root(log n))" should be "t(n) = theta(100^n * root(n))"
    ** Midterm Spring 2011. Solution to Q7(c):
    At line 5, " its predecessor, not predecessor" is clearly wrong. It should say " its predecessor or successor". In other words, whichever convention you pick, some of the keys in the set {3,8,19} will not have two rebalancing acts.


  • I expect the final exam to be the first Tuesday of Final Exam Week, i.e., Dec 20.