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Java language online help
The latest version of the Java language is Java 8, but any version above Java 5 should be OK for Java Programming Homework.
Unfortunately, the latest version of Eclipse needs at least Java 7.
Here are supplements from Liang's book Java Supplements.
Here is Java 8 API's -- it is official but overwhelming and unwieldy!
Eclipse online help
Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) that we will use for developing Java programs:
It is has many features and can be overwhelming, so there are many tutorials available on the web.
Here is a video for your first eclipse project
Eclipse help
Eclipse FAQs
30 Eclipse shortcuts or 93 useful keyboard shortcuts
MacOS Issues
Apple has a bad habit of not supporting non-Mac software. So if you have special problems on this score, we will try to help.
Programming tools (Makefile, etc)
Makefile, bash scripts, etc, are very simple productivity tools to be aware of:
[Programming FAQs]
Note that Makefiles can be used with Eclipse.
Java I/O
Input/output is extremely important.
We all need at least the ability to output something from a program --
witness the ubiquitous Hello World program, which simply prints a message.
What about reading inputs? Since Java 1.5, there is a very useful class called Scanner from java.util package. You can get a scanner object from the standard System.in (which is an input stream object):
   Scanner myScanner = new Scanner(System.in);
Using myScanner, you can now read an arbitrary input line or token (as a string), or any primitive type from the console.
TRICK: after myScanner.nextInt(), you might have a newline character "\n" lying around which you may need to consume with a myScanner.nextLine() before you continue!