Course Number:Data Structures, CSCI-UA.0102-00X (X=1,2,3)
Informally: CS 102 (Sections 1 and 2)
Instructor:Professor Chee Yap,
Room: WWH 301, Tel: 998-3115, Email: yap "at"
Teaching Assistant:Huan Kang, hk1642 "at"
Tutors:Vedant Agrawal, Carlos Guzman and Xavier Velez
Office Hours:Chee: Mon 3:30-4:30, Thu 5-6 (Room WWH 301)
    Please stop by to chat about ANYTHING (really) related to class.
Huan: Mon, Tue, Thu 10-11 (Room WWH 412)
Tutor Hours:
Mon: 5pm-8pm Carlos (WWH 412) 
Tue: 10am-2pm Vedant (14Washington Pl. Lab)
      5pm-8pm Xavier (WWH 412)
Thu: 10am-1pm Vedant (14Washington Pl. Lab)
      5pm-8pm Xavier (WWH 412)
Fri: 2pm-5pm Carlos (14Washington Pl. Lab)
Lectures:Tue,Thur 3:30-4:45, Room: WWH 102
Recitation:(Mandatory) Wed 3:30-4:45, Room WWH 109
Topics:Review of Java (Abstract methods, interfaces, and generics),
Recursion, Worst case asymptotic analysis, Abstract Data Types, Linked lists, Iterators, Stacks,
FIFO Queues, Trees, Hashing and hash tables, Priority Queues, Sorting, Graphs
Homework:No late homework; written and programming homework, roughly 1-1.5 set per week
TextBook:"Object-Oriented Data Structures using Java"
by Nell Dale, Daniel T.Joyce, Chip Weems.
Jones&Bartlett Learning (3rd Edition 2012)
Grade:Participation + In-class Quizzes (5%), Homework 30%, Midterm (25%), Final (40%). Curved grade.
Exams:Midterm: Thursday, October 23, regular classroom and hour.
Final: Thursday, December 18, Room 1302, 4-5:50pm.
Computing:Java Programming in Eclipse IDE
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