Midterm and Final Exam information will be published here.

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Final Exam: Thursday, Dec 18, Room 1302, 4-5:50pm

1. The final exam format
It will have the same format as the midterm, only slightly larger.
The topics will be cumulative, but I expect no more than 25\% is from the midterm topics.
2. You can bring in TWO Cheat Sheets
See the Cheat Sheet instructions from midterm.
We suggest keeping the Cheat Sheet from midterm, and preparing a new sheet.
3. General skills expected
ability to write simple syntax-perfect Java code,
ability to hand-simulate all the basic algorithms.
4. Material covered
the general reading list under Assignments page of this class wiki covers all our topics.
But as usual, we will emphasize material covered in lectures and also those that have been tested through homework assignments. So, be sure to study our solutions to all the homework and also midterm.
5. Some resources and files to download
I have a compact implementation of the 3 main sorting methods (qsort, msort, hsort), available from NYU Classes:
go to Course Resources --> Programs --> Sort.java.
Note that you MUST use the split method implemented here (it is same as in the textbook) when you do hand simulation! See also Sara Loggeman's nice presentation of sorting simulations which I included in the solution of hw8.
For the solution to the in-class Quiz on Thursday Dec 11, please download from NYU Classes:
Course Resources --> Homework/Exam Solutions --> hw9sol.pdf

Midterm on Thursday October 23 (in class)

0. Sample midterm exam.
Here is an exam from fall 2010:
WARNING: the topics in this sample or any past exams are unlikely to coincide with the present course. But it gives an idea of the style of my exams.
1. Closed book exam.
No calculators or electronic devices.
2. Prepare a Cheat Sheet, any 8"x11" sheet of notes
You can type or print, using as big or as small a font as you like.
You may use both sides, and bring magnifying glasses to read it.
The best part is that you can reuse it for the final exam, because you are allowed two such Cheat Sheets for the final!
3. We recommend studying the posted homework solutions
including solution programs and quizzes.
4. All material up taught up to, and including, October 21st, will be required
Book material covers Chaps. 1 to 6.
5. You must be able to write basic Java code
Watch your syntax -- we want "compilable" code.
Information hiding is not important -- we are happy with poor man's code if the logic is good.
Basic loops (while, for) and recursion.
6. Extra Office Hours On Week of Oct 20
Chee will have 2 extra sessions:
   Monday 4:30-5:30 (continues my usual office hours)
   Tue 11:00-12:00
Huan will have an extra session:
   Wed 10:00-11:00
7. Format of the midterm
: Like our sample exam, first two questions will have multiple parts, and require short answers.
Then follows 3 "regular questions". You must answer ALL questions.
Most important -- time and pace yourself so that you get to all the questions.