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Fri Oct 17, Notes for hw5
Question 1: remember that it has a written part as well as a programming part.

Question 2: for the recursive definitions in part (a), begin with the sentence
"A palindrome is ..." and somewhere inside the "...", you need to refer to palindromes again.
Similarly for part (b), begin with "A balanced string is ...".

Question 3: report time in seconds. That is, divide the nano time by 10^9.
Mon Oct 6, Change in Tutor Hours on Oct 7, 13, 14
On Tuesday, October 7, the tutoring hour will be from 10am-12:30pm (instead of 10am - 2pm).
Tutors have an event that overlap this hour.
On Oct 13-14, there are no tutor hours because of NYU Fall Break.
Friday August 22, Class Website Starts
Welcome to our Class Website!
Tuesday September 2, First Class
We encourage you to look at the Programming Page and install Java and Eclipse on your computer. Make sure you know how to write and run a "Hello World!" program on Eclipse (following the steps in these pages). You should also review Java from CS 101.
Wednesday September 10, First homework due
As usual, it is to be submitted before 11:55pm of due date, in NYU Classes.