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Fri Dec 13, Extra Office Hours for Exam Week (Dec 16-18)
I am holding these office hours from Mon Dec 16 to Wed Dec 18: 3:30 to 5:30.
Fri Nov 8, Rescheduled Lectures for Rest of Semester
We have 8 more lectures in the next 5 weeks, before the end of semester. Here is how I intend to use them:

Nov 12, 14 -- random algorithms
Nov 19, 21 -- NP Completeness
Nov 26 -- Hashing
Dec 3, 5 -- Min Cost Paths
Dec 10 -- Disjoint Sets

The reordering of the lectures is to make sure that I cover NP-Completeness and give you plenty of time to absorb the material. I will to make sure that you are fully covered for the final exam material.
Fri Oct 4, Midterm exam on Oct 10
Please get the details in the Exam Page in these wiki pages.
Mon Sep 16, Replacement for Lecture II.6, Para.22
Please pick up the pdf file in NYU Classes.
Wed Sep 11, New Homework Submission Rule
I sent this information out earlier today via NYU Classes. Basically, we now allow you to hand in a paper homework. To implement this, the deadline is moved to 3:30 pm on due date (which will be on Tuesday or Thursday, so I can collect at the beginning of class). But you can still submit via NYU Classes, but see the details in my email.
Mon Sep 9, Homework 1 out
Please pick them up from your NYU Classes account.
It is due next Tue Sep 17.
Tue Sep 3, Welcome!
This is our first class. Please bookmark this webpage for all your class information.
Be sure to also check out this class under "NYU Classes" from the Academics Tab in your NYUHome account.