Assignments refer to either Reading Assignment or Homework Assignments.
They will track our teaching schedule listed below.

WEEK:Homework AssignmentComments
Sep 2Read Chapter 1Do this leisurely. It is partly review.
Pay attention to Section 1.7 (Big-O Analysis)
Sep 4Install JDK 1.8 (which includes Java 8) and Eclipse Standard 4.4Create your first project "Hello" as described in the Eclipse page.
Sep 9hw1 due on Sep 10Review of Java, Intro to Make
Sep 16hw2 due on Sep 19ADT, Java interface, Random numbers
Sep 23hw3 due on Sep 30List ADT, String pattern matching
Oct 7hw4 due Oct 14Recursion, more Lists
Oct 15hw5 due Oct 22Recursion, Stacks
Oct 21Midterm ReviewMidterm on Thur Oct 23
Nov 3hw6 due Nov 10Start on key topic: Binary Search Trees
Nov 13hw7 due Nov 21Finish our lectures on BST. LargeInts: Karatsuba's algorithm
Dec 1hw8 due Dec 8Last homework. Larger hw includes sorting.

Teaching Schedule + Reading Assignments

Always read ahead of the lecture

-- read as much as you can
(doesn't matter how far you get, and you don't have understand everything).

No.Week ofChapter:TopicReading Assignment, Comments
1.Sep 1Chap1: IntroductionFirst Class Tue Sep 2
2.Sep 8Chap1: Java ReviewFocus: Strings, random numbers, files
3.Sep 15Chap2: ADTArrayList, LinkedLists
4.Sep 22Chap3: StacksGeneric interfaces and classes, well-formed expressions
5.Sep 29Chap4: RecursionRecursive List Methods, Tower of Hanoi, Sect.6 How recursion works. Skip Sect.4.4 (Blobs)
6.Oct 6Chap5: Queues
7.Oct 13Chap6: ListsOct 13-14: NYU Fall Break
8.Oct 20Chap7: MoreListsMidterm Oct 23
9.Oct 27Chap7: MoreListsMidterm Grades out; Read the whole chapter, including the Big Integer Application.
10.Nov 3Chap8: BSTConcept of trees, binary trees, BST, search, add, traversals. Skip Sects.8.3, 8.10.
11.Nov 10Chap8: BSTHand simulations, analysis of BST, remove, successor, predecessor
12.Nov 17Chap9: Priority QueuesHeap data structure. Skip Sect.9.3 on Graphs.
13.Nov 24Chap10: SortingThanksgiving Break: Nov 27-Nov 30.
14.Dec 1Chap10: SortingFocus on Quicksort, Mergesort, Heapsort. Skip Hashing Sect.10.6.
15.Dec 8ReviewDec13: last class, Dec11: Mon Sched
16.Dec 15Reading+FinalExamDec14-15: reading days
17.Dec 22Final ExamExam Week: Dec 16-20