Course Number:Data Structures, CSCI-UA.0102-004 and CSCI-UA.0102-005
Instructor:Professor Chee Yap, Room: WWH 301, Tel: 998-3115, Email: yap "at"
Teaching Assistant:Chang Peng, Room 308, Email: cpeng "at"
Office Hours:Chee: Mon 5-6 (new!), Tue 2-3, Wed 2-3. Chang: Thu 2-3:30
Outside these hours, you can make appointment to see us.
Lectures:Mon,Wed 3:30-4:45, Room: WWH 109
Recitation:Thu 3:30-4:45, Room WWH 101
Topics:Review of Java (Abstract methods, interfaces, and generics), Recursion, Worst case asymptotic analysis, Abstract Data Types, Linked lists, Iterators, Stacks, FIFO Queues, Trees, Hashing and hash tables, Priority Queues, Sorting, Graphs
Homework:No late homework; one homework set each 1-1.5 week; Email to the TA by 12 midnite of due date.
Written part in PDF or JPG (if scanned). Programming part must include a Makefile (which has a README section). If it compiles, runs on given examples, following specifications: 50%. Zero credit if it does not compile. If it passes additional tests: 35%. Well-structured, well-written, commented code: 15%.
Feel free to use the 2nd Edn. as the difference is not critical. Will be supplemented by my own notes.
Grade:Participation 5%, In-class Quizzes & Written Homework 20%, Programming 25%, Midterm 20%, Final 30%
Exams:Midterm: Mon, Mar 5th ; Final: Wed, May 9th, in regular classroom from 4:00-5:50.
Computing:Java Programming and basics of Makefile
NYU Blackboard:You can access this from your NYU Home. We use this to record your grades (hw,quizzes,etc)
Academic Integrity:Please read this NYU Statement and also one from College of Arts and Sciences