Assignments are either Reading Assignment or Homework Assignments.

Jan 23Read Chapter 1Math Tools (1.2), Recursion (1.3), Java Generics (1.4)
 Install Java and make ProgramDownload & run files `Makefile' and `'
Jan 30Read Chapter 2Algorithms Analysis (must know the asymptotic notations)
 Homework 1 out Jan 26due Feb 1
Feb 6Read Chapter 33 ADTs: List, Stack, Queue
 Homework 2 out Feb 9due Feb 16
Feb 13Class cancelled on MondayBuilding closed for water leakage repair
Feb 20No Class on Monday (Presidents' Day) 
 Read Chapter 4Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees, Splay Trees. Skip section 4.3.5 (average-case)
 Homework 3 out Feb 23due Mar 1
Feb 27BST 
Mar 5BSTTentative: first Java session on Monday 7:15-9:00pm
 Midterm Exam (on Wed Class) 
Mar 12Spring Break Week(March 12-17)
Mar 19AVL treesSecond Java session on Mon 7:15-9:00pm
 Homework 4 out Mar 23due Mar 29
Mar 26Splay trees 
Apr 2B-Trees 
 Homework 5 out on Apr 4 
Apr 9B-Trees (concluded) 
 Read Chapter 5 on Hashing 
Apr 16Hashing 
Apr 23Basic ProbabilityProof of Theorem 5.2 in book
Apr 30Priority Queues (Binary Heap)(Ch. 6.3 and 6.6)
May 2SortingCh.7.6, 7.7), Homework 6 out
May 7Final Review 
 Homework 6 due May 8 
May 9Final Exam