Information for Midterm and Final exams will be posted here.

All exams will be open book. You can also bring your laptop, but it is mainly to give you access to large files. Using the internet is not allowed.


Here is the solution to the midterm of Oct 11:

View the Midterm as a "practice run" for the Final Exam. We try to keep to the style of Midterm.

Final Exam

It is held on Tue Dec 18 in class in Room 317 from 3:30 to 7:30.

Please note the time.

Please note changed room.

This is an open book exam (bring any book or references). However, we do not allow laptops or any communication devices like phones.

Recall that this exam must be passed by all PhD students and may be taken by PhD students who are not enrolled in the class. Please see me if you are in the latter category.