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In Reverse Chronological Order:

Sat Dec 15, Open book final exam, but no laptops or phones
Unlike the midterm, we will not allow any communication devices for the final exam. So please prepare accordingly.
Fri Dec 14, New Room for Final Exam on Dec 18
Note that the room has been moved to WWH 317 from our regular classroom.
The time is from 3:30 to 7:30.
Tue Oct 2, Fall Break Oct 15-16
There is no class on Oct 16 because of NYU's Fall Break (Oct 15 and 16).
Tue Oct 2, Midterm Reminder
Recall that we had announced a midterm for Oct 11 in the INFO page. To prepare for this, be sure to study our solutions for homeworks. The exam is open book.
Thu Sep 20, Policy for credit on reporting errors in lecture notes
I had announced awarding one point for first report of any error of ANY kind in the lecture notes (more points for significant errors). Now how should I incorporate that into your course grade? You noticed (see Course Info) that 5\% of the course grade is for class participation, etc. Well, at the end of semester I will convert these points into this 5\%.
Fri Sep 7, Improved DIC
I mentioned this in class yesterday. Define the Default Initial Condition (DIC) this way: there exists C>=0, n_1 >=0 such that the recurrence holds for T(n) holds for n>n_1 and for all n<=n_1, T(n) is assigned arbitrary values <= C. This is a slight variation of the lecture notes, meant to prevent unbounded values of T(n) when n<=n_1.
Wed Sep 5, Wiki's Toggle Feature fixed
This announcement page is a main user of this toggling feature! Basically, I had to upgrade my pmWiki.
Tue Sep 4, First Class
Please note that webpage has been slightly re-organized (simplified). Note that the classroom is WWH 412, not WWH 312.
Wed Jul 18, Work in Progress
This class page is work in progress. Feel free to send me an email if you have questions about this course.