Theory Seminars at the Courant Institute
New York University

Past Talks

November 30, 2005
Title: Approximate Nearest Neighbor and the Fast Johnson-Lindenstrauss Transform
Speaker: Nil Ailon, Princeton University

November 16, 2005
Title: Beyond VCG: Frugality of Truthful Mechanisms
Speaker: Ashish Rastogi, CIMS

November 9, 2005
TitleRecent Work on Supervised Ranking
Speaker: Cynthia Rudin, Center for Neural Science and CIMS, NYU

November 2, 2005
Title: On Lovasz's theta function and the Shannon Capacity of a graph
Speaker: Raghavan Dhandapani, CIMS

October 19, 2005
Title: The average case analysis of Partition Sorts
Speaker: Richard Cole, NYU

October 12, 2005
Title: On the chromatic number of some geometric hypergraphs
Speaker: Shakhar Smorodinsky, NYU Math

September 28, 2005
Title: A survey of recent clustering algorithms
Speaker: Adi Gottlieb, NYU

September 21, 2005
Title: On the combinatorial complexity of constrained Vapnik-Chervonenkis classes
Speaker: Joel Ratsaby, Ben Gurion University

September 16, 2005 (Exceptional date)
Title: List Decoding: Context, Constructions, Connections, and Challenges
Speaker: Venkatesan Guruswami, University of Washington

September 14, 2005
Title: An Impossibility Result for Clustering
Speaker: Theory Group's own Ashish Rastogi

April 28, 2005
Title: Perturbations and Vertex Removal in a 3D Delaunay Triangulation
Speaker: Monique Teillaud, INRIA

April 21, 2005
Title: String matching with wildcards for large alphabets and related problems
Speaker: Richard Cole

April 7, 2005
Title: Recent Papers on Euclid's Algorithm for Computing GCDs
Speaker: Joshua Brody

March 31, 2005
Title: Navigating nets: Simple algorithms for proximity search
Speaker: Adi Gottlieb

March 24, 2005
Title: Generating random factored numbers, easily
Speaker: Victor Shoup

March 10, 2005
Title: Conflict-Free Colorings
Speaker: Shakhar Smorodinsky, NYU

March 3, 2005
Title: Hinged Dissection of Polypolyhedra
Speaker: Jeff Lindy, NYU

February 24, 2005
Title: Secure Network Coding via Filtered Secret Sharing
Speaker: Jon Feldman, Columbia

February 17, 2005
Title: On the (non)Universality of the One-Time Pad
Speaker: Yevgeniy Dodis

February 10, 2005
Title: Shortest Path Amidst Disc Obstacles is Computable
Speaker: Chee Yap