Pierre Sermanet
PhD in deep learning for vision, speech and robotics
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OverFeat: Feature Extractor and world records

  • OverFeat is a feature extractor for natural images. It also contains a 1000-way classifier. It is written in C but contains wrappers for Lua/Torch, Python and Matlab.
  • OverFeat is also the name of our team which participated in the 2013 ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC13).
  • The OverFeat team holds the accuracy records for localization and detection tasks on ILSVRC13 and ranked 5th on the classification task.

EBLearn: Open-Source Machine Learning C++ Library

  • The eblearn library is a C++ implementation of the machine learning algorithms used in the LAGR project, and in particular the supervised training of convolutional neural networks. It includes demos and tutorials.

VisionGrader: Open-Source tool to evaluate vision algorithms on standard datasets

  • The visiongrader is a Python tool to automatically score the results of a vision algorithm in ways that are comparable to published results in the vision literature, e.g. producing different kinds of accuracy curves (ROC, DET, etc...) given different kinds of vision outputs (bounding boxes, polygons, etc).
Last update: July 12th, 2010