Our mission is to build and foster a community for Masters students in the Department of Computer Science and Information Science in order to enrich their educational experience through professional development, networking, teamwork activities, interdisciplinary interaction, and partnerships with other student organizations.


Prof. Benjamin Goldberg

Lei Lei

Vice Presidents
Nishant Kumar
Rohan Harit

Treasurer -

Director – Event Management
Nivesh Aggarwal

Director – Public Relations
Deependra Rana

Director – Career Development
Shashank Singhal

Previous Officers

Fall 2015

Vice President: Andrei Dinu-Ionita
Director for Career Development: Yiran Mao
Director for Social Events: George Ulloa

Spring 2014

Nidhi Shetty - President
Saurabh Nayak - Vice President
Miles Yang - Director of Social Events
Nandita Chugh – Director of Career Development

Fall 2013
Anupam Nandan- President
Rohit Gupta – Vice President

Fall 2012 & Spring 2013

Jasdev Singh – President
Saket Gur – Vice President
Lakshmi Gongi – Treasurer
Jyotsna Narayanan – Director Career Affairs
Monish Vachhani – Director Career Affairs
Gaurav Dhawan – Director Social Affairs
Sahil Vora – Director Social Affairs

Spring 2012

Erica Wolfe – President
Shefali Budhwani – Vice President
Nikkhil Ramadurai – Treasurer
Sachin Garg – Senator
Jasdev Singh- Representative

Fall 2011

Erica Wolfe – President
Randolph Tan – Vice President
Shefali Budhwani – Treasurer
Chaitanya Rudra – Communications Director
Sachin Garg – Representative

Spring 2011

Erica Wolfe – President
Randolph Tan – Vice President
Shefali Budhwani – Treasurer
Sailee Latkar – Secretary

Fall 2010

Matthew Rathbone – President
Erica Wolfe – Vice President
Randolph Tan – Secretary

Spring 2010

Paul Gazzillo – President
Yi Ke – Vice President
Erica Wolfe – Treasurer
Matthew Rathbone – Secretary

Fall 2009

Ashu Shukla- President
Yi Ke – Vice President
Paul Gazzillo – Treasurer
Matthew Rathbone – Secretary


Prof. Chee Yap – Faculty Advisor
Trishank Karthik – President
Stephen Amar – Treasurer AY