Spring 2012 MACS Officer Elections

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Please read the following directions and information very carefully.

I. Statement of Intent to Run for Election
II. Elections and Speeches
III. Officer Responsibilities

I. Statement of Intent to Run for Election

Below this post, where it says “Leave a reply,” please write your statement of intent.
1) Put your name (first name and last initial is okay.)
2) Enter a valid NYU email (don’t worry it won’t be visible.)
3) State the position for custom writing you are running: Representative, Senator, Treasurer or Vice President. You may choose only one. Only current MACS officers are eligible to run for President.
4) Write a statement of intent of 300 words or fewer (a couple of paragraphs is fine).
5) The deadline to run is Thursday, February 2 at 11:59pm.

The statement of intent should address at least the following: why you want to be a MACS officers and why you are a good candidate; how you will benefit the students and the program; what specifically you will do to improve MACS; and anything else that demonstrates here http://samedayessays.org/dissertation/ your qualities and commitment to the club.

The current MACS officer’s statements of intent are included below as examples of how a statement of intent could be written.

II. Elections and Speeches

General Meeting and Officer Elections
Friday, February 3
WWH 109

If you are running, you must come to the general meeting and should give a speech of three minutes or fewer. If you are unable to attend, please contact MACS, macs [at] cs.nyu.edu, by Thursday, February 2 by 11:59pm. Not attending the election without homework writing service automatically forfeits your nomination.

See here for a list of officer responsibilities.

6 Comments on “Spring 2012 MACS Officer Elections”

  1. 1 ericawolfe said at 6:52 pm on January 19th, 2012:

    Hi, my name is Erica Wolfe and I am running for president of MACS. I have been the MACS President for the past two semesters, a MACS officer for four semesters, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with MACS. MACS has given me great opportunities to work with students and faculty members within the computer science department and throughout the NYC tech community. I have also conceived and brought to fruition engaging and educational events, such as last semester’s Tech Talks. I look forward to bringing you more fun events, such as happy hours and tech talks, in the future. In addition to my current tenure with MACS and the GSAS Graduate Student Government, my professional background includes event planning, budgeting, fund raising and extensive experience working as part of a team. I look forward to working with all of you to build a stronger CS/IS Masters community!

  2. 2 sachin said at 2:00 pm on January 24th, 2012:

    Hi. My name is Sachin Garg. I am running for the post of “Senator”. I represented MACS as a Student Representative Officer last Fall and hosted Ping Pong and Billiards event. This semester, I am looking forward to bringing more exciting events, such as happy hours, tech talks, IS social. I am also planning to have a poll, “Pick your event” and will try to host the event with most number of votes (provided it meets the criteria mentioned by Comp Sc Dept and GSG). I am also actively involved with the NYU Entrepreneur network and working on reducing the gap between the business and tech people. I am looking forward to working with all of you to have an active Masters’ students community!!

  3. 3 Shefali said at 2:53 pm on January 24th, 2012:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am running for the post of Vice President for MACS. I have been on the board of MACS for two semesters and have held the position of Treasurer.

    I have enjoyed organizing various events catering to the interests of all our students. Over the past two semesters, I’ve been involved in organizing events like Happy Hours, Socials and Tech Talks. Besides, I have also been able to get MACS the additional funding that is much needed to put together events like Happy Hours. This involved attending Graduate Student Government meetings and writing the Grant applications.

    Additionally, we were also successfully able to organize a Tech Career Fair last semester in association with Wasserman Center for Career Development. This was first of its kind where we brought in companies/firms that would interest the CS majors who did not want to go into Financial institutions.
    I have been actively involved in event organization even during my under-graduation and later during my professional career.

    I enjoy this role and working with MACS. I look forward to bring more events to you in the coming semester.

  4. 4 Mohnish Singh Sahrawat said at 4:30 pm on January 27th, 2012:

    Hi Everyone,
    I am Mohnish Singh Sahrawat, Graduate Student of Information Systems at Courant & Stern. I am running for the post of Student Representative Officer for MACS. I would like to take this responsibility and organize various student events at MACS. I would also like to introduce more events along with currently successful activities of last semester like happy hours, tech talks & IS social.
    I have a proven track record as a good team facilitator and worker. My flair for leadership has been demonstrated in school as sports captain, in college as head of large volunteer team while organizing technical festival, in society as a co-founder of NGO working for tribal people at rural.

    During my undergraduate, I got the chance to organize State level technical festival. I managed a 100 member volunteer team and guided them on different events. This experience was extremely valuable to me in terms of what it taught me about myself. I learned that I have a natural flair for leadership and that, more importantly, I have the drive, ambition and confidence to make my dreams a reality.
    At MACS, I believe lot has already been achieved and lot more is yet to start. I would like to work along with Sachin and Shefali, and hopefully together we will make a good team. Currently I am member of NYU Entrepreneur network, Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Management Consulting Group, Management Consulting Association, Chess Club, Gita Bhakti Club and various sports club.
    I hope to get selected and enjoy this role with MACS and I am looking forward to bring more interesting social, intellectual and fun events to you in the coming semester.
    Mohnish Singh Sahrawat

  5. 5 Nikkhil said at 10:57 pm on January 30th, 2012:

    Hi All,

    I am Nikkhil a first year Masters student in Information Systems. I would like to run for the post of Treasurer at MACS. I have always wanted to be involved with MACS and I believe I am good fit for this position.

    I was involved in organizing and planning events right from my undergraduate days. I think these groups/events are an opportunity to meet new people and expand one’s social and professional network. Being my first stint in the US, I am interested in working with people here and figuring out how stuff works around here (especially when it comes to organizing and team building).

    Additionally I am excited by the opportunity this will open up to interface with professionals from the Industry. I have around three years of professional work experience where I have been involved in event planning, budgeting and working as part of teams.

    Overall I think this will be an enjoyable experience, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to this group by helping planning events both social and technical – we could look at fun places like bowling alleys & karaoke bars to hold our monthly social events. Another thing, which I would like to work on, is improving and streamlining the interaction between the Alumni of our IS/CS programs and the current students. I look forward to joining MACS and together with other team member’s help grow this community.

  6. 6 Jasdev S said at 9:27 pm on January 31st, 2012:

    Hi, my name is Jasdev Singh and I am interested in the Student representative position at MACS. Being an international graduate student, becoming a part of MACS I’ll put forth my ideas and suggestions for initiatives that will benefit not only the new students but also current and previous students.
    There are a lot of events that are organized in course of every semester but I believe that in addition to Happy Hour, Tech talks; informal informative events for new students will exhort them to enjoy stay at courant in addition to studies (which are pretty rigorous). I have a couple of ideas in my mind which I am willing to discuss in person or in MACS meeting.
    I have been involved in extra-curricular activities right from my high school where I was the head of the executive council of students and my responsibilities were to oversee all the executive functions of students. As I moved to under graduation, I initiated a youth leadership programme ‘LEAD ITM’ which brought the perspective of youth on various issues to a single platform. I coordinated annual social festival, Momentum 2007 and chaired various presentations. During my professional stay with Infosys, I urged the senior management in creating an event management committee that worked for making office an enjoyable place to work. I was the lead anchor and host of an event that was organized for celebrating Infosys and American Express venture. I was involved with a non profit organization that worked for child education and improvement of lower sections of society.
    I am also of the view that collaboration with the Stern and HR team on a biweekly/monthly basis on current market trends and personality development will go a long way in overall improvement of students.
    Using formal and informal techniques of information gathering like discussions, online media, seminars, I’ll be able to get broader perspective on the issues and bring them forward to the Executive Board.