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Welcome to ProgTeam
The NYU Programming Team Wiki

Getting Started!
Welcome to the NYU Programming Team Wiki! Here we lay the foundations that will build a bridge of mastery to carry us all the way to the finals in Tokyo, or wherever. For people who aren't on the team you need to know a little about the contest!

The Programming Team is:

  • A life-changing, fantastical voyage in the realm of problem solving and algorithmic analysis!
  • Free dinner.

If you're on the programming team should get started categorizing and solving problems (use and add to the code packet to help solve them), and/or filling in stub articles! If you're new to the PKU JudgeOnline System, take a look at the guide to Submitting to PKU.

Catch the latest updates and messages on the wiki at Current events.

If you want in, send an email to Korth.png to become a member! Do it!

Articles People are Talking About
If you have a question or comment on an article/problem, put it on it's discussion page. Here's what other people have been talking about:

For a standalone version of this list, see Talked About.

Problems with Bounties
Here are problems people want to get done:

Active Problems
Here are problems that people are working on:

Recently Solved Problems
Solve problems. Post solutions. Check out others:

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