[ Computer Science courses at Courant ]

Fundamental Algorithms (Prof. Siegel)


Data Communications and Networks (Prof. Conron) [course website]

Projects: Stop-and-Wait FSM, Layer 4 Transport protocol simulator,

UDP Socket Client


Unix Tools (Prof. Korn and Prof. Lee) [course website]

Projects: Web-based account system in CGI [demo]

Genealogy/Social networking site [demo]


Database Systems (Prof. Shasha) [course website]


Software Engineering (Prof. Franchitti) [course website]


Information Technology Projects (Prof. Goldberg) [course website]

Team Project: AAADT Systems Monitoring


[ Business courses at Stern ]

Managing Organizations (Prof. Dunbar)

Team Project: Google: Organization Study


Business Process Design and Implementation (Prof. Palley)


Firms and Markets (Prof. Dick)


Foundations of Finance (Prof. Nieuwerburgh)


Managing the Digital Firm (Prof. Laudon)


Financial Information Systems (Prof. Donefer) [course website]


Data Mining (Prof. Provost)
Team Project: F/OSS Data Mining and Business Intelligence



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Master of Science in Information Systems