Welcome to the DGS/MS Page

The official information for the DGS pages can be found in our department's website.

This supplementary page is unofficial, but is created to allow
me to give you more timely information and to
answer frequently asked questions.
This is still experimental, so things are liable to change.

There are three DGS in the Computer Science
Department: one each for the PhD, MS(CS) and MS(IS) programs.
This page caters to the MS(CS) and MS(IS) program.

                -- Chee Yap
                   DGS for MSCS and MSIS

FAQs for the MS Program

This is organized into three parts:

(A) students not in MS program, (B) students currently in the MS program, and (C) non-students (alumni, organizations, etc) . There might be some overlap with other FAQs in the department page.

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