Setting up an i6 account

For first-time users on i6: Setting up your account


Here is the i6 account information you will need to be able to login to your i6 account and change your password:

login: your NYU Home Netid
Password: the password that we have given you

Here is the i6 account information you will need to post web pages to your site in later steps on this page:

Web Folder/directory: public_html (This is the folder on i6 accounts that will serve files to the web. All html and image files should be uploaded into this folder to be viewed on the web)
Web page address/URL: http//

If you forgot your password, please advise your instructor or send email to “” and ask that your password be reset.

Software is available from ITS.

Login for the first time and change your password by using these instructions.

These instructions are for the Mac:

1. Double-click on Terminal (which is available on OS X)
2. At the command line, type in ssh or ssh -l netid so you will be logged in under your netid.

On the PC, open “Putty”: (Available from ITS)

  1. type in the name of the host which is “” in this case
  2. Select “SSH”
  3. Click “Open”.
  4. If this is the first time you are logging in, your password is the on the handout given to you in class.



You are now logged in to your “home directory”.

Type the following at the UNIX system prompt (which is represented here by the “$” sign). Do not type the “$”.

$ passwd [ and follow the instructions to change the password to one of your choice ]
$ exit


Next, you need to post a webpage with your name in the title and body.

Here is a sample webpage to start:

<title>--> Your Name goes here--> </title>
<p> --> Your Name and any other text you would like goes here --> </p>
<hr />
<em>More information to follow ... </em>

Use TextEdit or TextWrangler on the MAC or Notepad or Notepad++ on the PC to type in or copy the HTML text above and then enter your name into the title and the body of the page.

Save the file as “index.html” and test it in a browser locally to make sure it looks ok (using FILE / OPEN … in your browser).

Note about using TextEdit on Mac OS X: select Preferences and click on plain text so that you see your web pages in text format:



Use an SFTP program (available from ITS) ordownload Fugu for the MAC or WinSCP 3.5 application for Windows to upload or transfer your “index.html” web page file to your i6 remote server. Note that the ITS Mac labs have Fetch installed and you can use the NYU site-wide license to install Fetch on your Mac for free.

Make sure that you upload the file into the “public_html” folder on your server.

Check to see if your page is ok on the server using the browser of your choice by looking at: