Honors Theory of Computation


Course: G22.3350, Honors Theory of Computation
Time and Place: Mon,Wed 2:50-4:05, Warren Weaver Hall, Room 513
Instructor: Chee Yap, #998-3115, yap@nyu.edu,
Warren Weaver Hall, Room 416
T.A.: Chen Li, #998-3350, chenli@nyu.edu
715 Broadway, Room 1008.
Office Hours: Yap: Tue 3-4, Warren Weaver Hall, Room 416
Li: Thu 3-5, 715 Broadway, Room 1008
(ring Chen Li's extension on the floor to be let in)
Text Books: Booklist
Course Contents: Brief description
Course Schedule: Outline
Course Grade: Homeworks (30%), midterm (20%) and final exam (50%).
Lectures: We try to publish lectures, when time permits.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Midterm Exam will be held in class on March 30. Here is a sample exam
CONGRATULATIONS to classmates, Emily Chapman and Henry Crutcher, who were married over spring break!
The final exam will be held in the usual classroom on Monday May 11, from 2:50-5:50 (3 hours).
Handout/Homework/Solution: Here is the subdirectory.
TO DO IMMEDIATELY: Handout 0, due Jan 21, 1998.
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