The course introduces you to

Our approach is relatively rigorous and mathematical. The pace is not leisurely -- so expect to spend time outside of lectures to keep up with the work. Attendence at lectures and recitations is essential.


COURSE ID: V22.0310.001, Basic Algorithms, Fall 2005
COURSE LINKS: We use a Course Homepage as well as the NYU Bboard .
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CLASSES: (1) Lecture: Mon and Wed, 11:00--12:15, in WWH 101
(2) Recitation: Mon, 12:30-1:45, in WWH 101.
TEACHER: Chee Yap, Office: Warren Weaver Hall, Room 416,
Phone: (212)998-3115, Email: yap(at)
Chris has a nice page webpage for this class.
Email: wu(at)
Room 704 at 715/719 Broadway, Phone: 998-3514
GRADER: Ankit Sunil Malpani.
Email: ankit.malpani(at)
OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday 4:00--5:00, and by appointment. (Please note the time shift from 4:30--5:30)
Chris's hours: Thu, Fri 12-1:15
PREREQUISITE: Basic Java programming skills
Data structures course (V22.0102)
TEXTBOOK: Algorithm Design by Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos Addison-Wesley (2006)
EXAMS: Quizzes: Mon Oct 3 and Mon Nov 28
Midterm: Wed Oct 12
Final Exam: confirmed -- Mon Dec 19, in class from 10-12.
HOMEWORK: No late homework. About 6 homeworks (including programming assignments).
Non-programming homework must be handed in hardcopy (properly bound). It is due during class hour.
All programming homework is to be handed via email to the grader, but cc'ed to me. It is due at 12 midnite of the due date. All the files must come in a single email (a Makefile must be among the files). If any file is revised, you must resend the entire set in one email again.
You are responsible for keeping an extra copy of your submitted homework.
PROGRAMMING: A modest amount of Java programming will be required
COURSE ACCOUNT: Unix is the official operating system. You are automatically enrolled for a unix account on the machine, which you can access using ssh. If you prefer to use your own machine, and you have a Windows environment, I highly recommend that you install Cygwin on your computer.
GRADE: curved, 40% homework + quizzes, 20% midterm, 40% final.
ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: This must be taken seriously. All handed in assignments must represent your own work. If you use any programs or solutions from sources in the open literature, you should give full attribution. You should never copy work of other students, nor let your work be copied by others. However, we encourage you to discuss problems and material with other students in the class. But all writeup must be your own.