Lecture Notes for Honors Basic Algorithms, Fall 2000

I will place (rough) lecture notes here when
available.  There is no guarantee of completeness,
or of close correspondence to what I actually
say in class :-).   

These notes are numbered "sequentially" as I put them in.

  1. Lecture 1: introductory lecture
  2. Lecture 2: basic Java and some ADT's
  3. Lecture 3: solving recurrences by Rote
  4. Lecture 4: techniques for Solving Recurrences
  5. Lecture 5: Discrete Fourier Transform and the FFT algorithm
  6. Pick up your Notes on FFT and Fast Integer Multiplication. This is a postscript file. The class webpage can give you some help in printing or viewing postscript files.
  7. Oct 16: Pick up your Notes on Recurrences. Here is the pdf version, courtesy of your classmate Mark Mentovai.
  8. Oct 19: Mike Radin requests my notes on skip lists. Here are my lecture notes on Randomized Search trees which discuss skip lists. NOTE: I have not yet converted them into a form that is appropriate for our class, so use them with this understanding!
  9. Nov 6: Lecture notes on AVL trees: postscript and pdf. Read sections 1, 3 and 5, and use the others for reference.
  10. Dec 17: Lecture Notes on Probability: postscript and pdf. This is released "as is", as I have not had time to convert it to a form appropriate for this class. The initial parts do resemble our lectures in class, so it may be somewhat helpful.