Course List, Fall 2010

Fall 2010 | Spring 2011

Evan Gallagher G22.1133-001 PAC I
Joel Spencer G22.1170-001 Fundamental Algorithms
Aditya Vasudev Dhananjay G22.1170-002 Fundamental Algorithms Recitation
Yun Kuen Cheung G22.1170-003 Fundamental Algorithms Recitation
Ernest Davis G22.1180-001 Mathematical Techniques For CS Applications
Jean-Claude Franchitti G22.2110-001 Programming Languages
Joanna Gilberti G22.2110-002 Programming Languages Recitation
Aaditya Rangan G22.2112-001 Scientific Computing
Mohamed Zahran G22.2130-001 Compiler Construction
Allan Gottlieb G22.2250-001 Operating Systems
Olga Sorkine G22.2274-001 Advanced Computer Graphics
Aleksandar Donev G22.2420-001 Numerical Methods I
Dennis Shasha G22.2434-001 Advanced Database Systems
Yann LeCun G22.2565-001 Machine Learning
Marsha Berger;Andreas Klöckner G22.2945-001 High Performance Scientific Computing
Michael Shelley G22.2945-002 Advanced Topics in Fluid Dynamics: Computational Fluids
Jonathan Goodman G22.2960-001 Monte Carlo Methods
Dennis Shasha G22.2965-001 Heuristic Problem Solving
Jinyang Li G22.3033-001 Distributed Systems
Bhubaneswar Mishra G22.3033-002 Bioinformatics
Mehryar Mohri G22.3033-003 Speech Recognition
Jeffrey Korn G22.3033-004 Open Source Tools
Michael Schidlowsky G22.3033-005 Production Quality Software
Scott Burton G22.3033-006 Financial Software Projects
Morgan Deters G22.3033-007 Topics in Automated Deduction
Christoph Bregler G22.3033-008 Motion Capture for Gaming and Urban Sensing
Kenneth Perlin G22.3033-009 Computer Games
Slav Petrov G22.3033-010 Special Topics in Statistical Natural Language Processing
Zvi Kedem G22.3205-001 Applied Cryptography & Network Security
Alan Siegel G22.3520-001 Honors Analysis of Algorithms
Jean-Claude Franchitti G22.3812-001 Information Technology Projects
TBA G22.3813-001 Advanced Laboratory
TBA G22.3813-002 Advanced Laboratory
TBA G22.3813-003 Advanced Laboratory
TBA G22.3813-004 Advanced Laboratory
TBA G22.3813-005 Advanced Laboratory
TBA G22.3813-006 Advanced Laboratory
TBA G22.3813-007 Advanced Laboratory
TBA G22.3840-001 Master's Thesis Research
Yevgeniy Dodis G22.3850-001 PhD Seminar: Cryptography
Jinyang Li G22.3850-002 PhD Seminar: Systems
Subhash Khot G22.3850-003 PhD Seminar: Theory
Clark Barrett G22.3850-004 PhD Seminar: Formal Methods
CANCELLED G22.3850-005 PhD Seminar: CTAG
Mehryar Mohri G22.3850-006 PhD Seminar: Machine Learning
TBA G22.3860-001 Phd Thesis Research
TBA G47.4747-001 Maintenance of Matriculation (MS students)
TBA G47.4747-004 Maintenance of Matriculation (non-supported PhD students)
Evan Korth V22.0001-001 Computers And Society
Deena Engel V22.0002-001 Intro To Computers & Programming
Nathan Hull V22.0002-002 Intro To Computers & Programming
Samuel Marateck V22.0002-003 Intro To Computers & Programming
Adam Meyers V22.0002-004 Intro To Computers & Programming
Adam Meyers V22.0002-005 Intro To Computers & Programming
Adam Meyers V22.0002-006 Intro To Computers & Programming
Andrew Case V22.0002-007 Intro To Computers & Programming
Nathan Hull V22.0004-001 Computers In Principle And Practice
Deena Engel V22.0004-002 Computers In Principle And Practice
Craig Kapp V22.0004-003 Computers In Principle And Practice
Daniel Tsadok V22.0004-004 Computers In Principle And Practice
Deena Engel V22.0061-001 Web Development And Programming
Victor Shoup V22.0101-001 Intro To Computer Science
Victor Shoup V22.0101-002 Intro To Computer Science
Allan Gottlieb V22.0101-003 Intro To Computer Science
Samuel Marateck V22.0101-004 Intro To Computer Science
Chee Yap V22.0102-001 Data Structures
Chee Yap V22.0102-002 Data Structures
Mayank Rana V22.0102-003 Data Structures
Evan Korth V22.0102-004 Data Structures
Max Sklar V22.0102-005 Data Structures
Benjamin Goldberg V22.0201-001 Computer Systems Organization
Benjamin Goldberg V22.0201-002 Computer Systems Organization
Lakshminarayanan Subramanian V22.0202-001 Operating Systems
Lakshminarayanan Subramanian V22.0202-002 Operating Systems
Yevgeniy Dodis V22.0310-001 Basic Algorithms
Yevgeniy Dodis V22.0310-002 Basic Algorithms
Rajan Mudambi V22.0310-003 Basic Algorithms
Nathan Hull V22.0380-001 Topics of General Interest: Flash Programming
Ralph Grishman V22.0436-001 Computer Architecture
Subhash Khot V22.0453-001 Theory Of Computation
Robert Grimm V22.0470-001 Object Oriented Programming
Richard Bonneau V22.0480-001 Special Topics: Computing with Large Data Sets
Davi Geiger V22.0480-002 Special Topics: Intro to Social Networking
STAFF V22.0520-001 Undergraduate Research
STAFF V22.0997-001 Independent Study
Samuel Marateck V55.0109-001 Quantitative Reasoning: Mathematics and Computing using Python
Qingnan Zhou V55.0109-002 Quantitative Reasoning: Mathematics and Computing using Python

* indicates controlled enrollment (permission number required for registration). Contact your program advisor for CSCI-GA.3812, CSCI-GA.3813 sections 001 - 004 & CSCI-GA.3840-001.

** indicates controlled enrollment (permission number required for registration). Contact Santiago Pizzini ( for CSCI-GA.3813 sections 005-008, CSCI-GA.3850 (all sections) & CSCI-GA.3860.

*** indicates controlled enrollment (permission number required for registration). Please contact the instructor.

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